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Kivuli'Rakala (who's name means spotted shadow cat) was a sweet little orphaned kitten. She was too young to remember what ever happened to her parents and had been living on her own for as long as she could remember. She would sleep in the trees and loiter around taverns until somefur pitied her and gave her something to eat. That is, until now...

New Stuff!

Kiv dancing around in her new dress

Let's see. Three and Kivy got a new cottage! The house warming party will be held if we ever find the time to do it. :P Kiv seems to have gotten completely over the cubnapper fiasco, but recently the drawings she's been hanging in her room hold more than what you see, seeming to echo something past. Kivy however doesn't know what that is or where the pictures come from. She claims that she just draws them.

Old Stuff...

Lil Orphan Kivy

Kiv was all alone until a horse named Threebar came across the poor lil cub and has been taking care ofher since. He bought her a new dress to replace the rags she'd been wearing which makes Kivy estatic for it's the only real thing she's ever owned. Then Kivy's was cubnapped! *gasp!* It was really a bad time for her. She was chained to the wall and forced to watch the murder of her fellow captive cubs. Poor lil Kivy. *sniff* Kivy was returned to FurryShire and reunited with Threebar (who was almost killed when he got in a fight with the cubnappers) who finally told Kiv that he wants to adopt her. What preceeded was a sickeningly cute scene which I'm appalled to read again as it makes me get all mooshy and stuff. ^_^ Kiv was plauged by nightmares of the events that took place while she was in captivity. Three got her a doll, a white cat in a red dress whom she named Taamuli, and she got a blink stone from Dal, which allows her to teleport back and forth between Furryshire and Siren's Cove so she can visit her best friend Katt.

Threebar drawn by his player Daniel Lunsford aka Geezer. ^_^

Current Description-
Kivuli'Rakala is a young Egyptian Mau cat girl of about 7 years. She has a petite and slender figure which makes her appear almost smaller than she is and stands at 4'5". Her coat is a shimmering silver and brownish-black spots cover her body, coming together to form a trail down her spine and across her face. The tip of her fluffy tail is tipped in the same dark shade. Her small hands and feet, her underside, and muzzle, as well as the fur around her eyes, are pure white. Her eyes are a pale mint green and sparkle with the joy of youth, peering out from under her silky, cropped dark brown hair, with ears poking through, which hangs partially in her face.
She is clothed in a baby blue dress, soft to the touch. The dress is long sleeved and hangs slightly off the shoulders, ending at her knees. It is completed by a deep blue sash tied around her tiny waist.
She wears a headband with fake oragne cat ears, a gift from her best friend and a doll, Taamuli, is tucked in her sash, ready to be played with.

These are sketches of a grown up Kivy. Little thing's going to be trouble one day.... ^_^

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