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Genevieve Z'errone

Genvieve (who's name means white wave) is the baby cub of the well to do Z'errone family, youngest daughter to Viscount Timmon and Windarra, sister to Jamis and Kamis, as well as their adoptive sibling, Katt.

A chubby little kitten, Genevieve is covered in short downy fluff, pale silver in color with a soft bluish tint bearing white socks and mittens, showing traits of both her parents. The fuzz on her head is the same as her fur, maybe a shade or two darker, and forms teeny rings curling every which way. Her large eyes, full of expression, are the bright blue of most kittens, but on a closer look, the left one appears darker. Her slender tail is exceptionally long and flicks at every movement. Her big ears twitch and she wrinkles her small, dark gray, button nose, stretching a small paw in your direction. She gives a squeaky, high-pitched mewl.

So far not much happens to the little thing. Her family doesn't connect much and it's not like she can do that much anyway. She's just a cute little baby!

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