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This is a story that I created about seven years ago which still continues today. Many of my friends complained that I didn't have any pictures of Eclipse here, so I created a page especially for the story's illustrations. Here it is. Enjoy!

The Basic Plot...

Well I don't want to give all of the story away as I hope to maybe possibly get it published someday. (please please please!) But here's a little synopsis:

Eclipse: The Shadow of Zemphia This is Eclipse, the main character of my first and favorite novel. The story centers around Tori Jamison, a fantasy/sci-fi author who dreams that she could live in one of her stories (Gee... who does this remind you of? ^_^) She is given what she first belives to be only a black bracelet, but is actually a magical, alien, shape-shifting device called a Shadow which she alone can control. The Shadow transforms Tori into Eclipse, a super-hero type chic clad in black with wings, great strength, and the ability to perform magic. After getting over the initial shock of transforming, she decides to use this gift to help others and, hunted by an evil sorceror who wants to kill her, goes on many adventures with her best friend, Max (the guy who gave her the bracelet whom she's been in love with since were little children) and a varied group of people they meet along the way, eventually winding up on a distant planet, Zemphia, where the Shadow is feared as a demon, to stop her persuers and prevent a legend (which states that she will cause the deaths of thousands and bring about the destruction of Zemphia) from coming true.

Tori ponders her Shadow Eclipse

A "small" excerpt! ^_^

I decided that I could put a bit of the prologue in here since it basically background information and not the story itself. Geez! The prologue is longer than I thought! This isn't even half of the damn thing and I left a bunch of stuff out!

"So how does it feel, son?" King Rowan asked over the ship's intercom system.

An overly excited voice of a young man returned through the speaker, "This is great, father! My first journey to the moon. To be able to set foot upon it..." He gave a happy sigh. "This is so incredible."

There was a roar of rocket engines as the small fleet of seven, one-manned space ships, including those of the king and eager young prince, lifted off the ground. The prince craned his neck to watch his home shrink away out the corner of the small ship's only window as they departed.

....Skip a bit 'cause it's long.... all you need to know is that their moon is magical and it keeps the Zemphians alive and that this little expedition is going, once again, to study it....

The prince was in complete awe and didn't realize for quite some time that his father was trying to get his attention.

"Hendrick?" came the call. "Hendrick! Answer me, boy!"

The prince finally came to. "Oh... uh... sorry, father. What is it?"

King Rowan's voice was nervouse and wavered a bit as he spoke which worried Hendrick. "Something's wrong with the moon!"

Hendrick turned his gaze away from the planet and towards the Zemphian source of life. The moon was radiating an odd sort of pale blue light. They didn't understand the moon's existance, but this sort of thing had never occurred before. The prince surpressed a shiver. "Wh... what IS that?!" he stuttered.

Canacia, one of the scientists on the team who was only a few years older that Hendrick, let her superstitions get the best of her. "It's the demon!" she cried in terror. "The Shadow! It's going to kill us!!"

...Skip some more... There's a legend about the Shadow coming to destroy their moon and everyone's scared of it, even the rational scientist...

"I... I think we should head back," Prince Hendrick suggested with fear in his voice.

But before the pack could turn tail, their ships all stopped moving and shut down. The blue light got brighter, glowing with such intensity that they were forced to sheild their eyes. Hendrick's ship slowly began to change direction on a course that led directly away from the planet. "What the?!" he shouted and tried pushing buttons to no avail; he couldn't cancel a command he didn't give.

He leaned over the console and screamed into the intercom speaker, "Help! Help! I've lost control of the ship! I can't stop it!"

"Neither can we!" replied Canacia. "Our ships are locked up! We can't help! This is the Shadow's doing!!"

"Hang on, son!" cried the king as he tried frantically to get his ship moving again.

Suddenly Hendrick's control panel lit up the same pale blue as the moon and rocketed off at a speed impossible for their ships to reach. The jolt flung him back from the console with such force that when he banged his head against his padded chair, he was knocked unconsious.

"Hendrick!! NOOOOO!!" Rowan screamed, but it was too late.

The ship had vanished from sight and had traveled too far and too fast to be picked up on any of their sensors or tracking devices. The glowing ceased and all that could be heard was the wailing of a man who had just lost his only son.

...And that's all you're getting for now! ^_^

As a side note, once upon a time, all the characters in Eclipse were cat-people type things. I've since given that up for the sake of cheesy-ness, but I just wanted to point out that they all were either named after real cats or have had real cats named after them. For example, the story was created and the character Patches (which was Tori's REAL original name and is now only her nickname, thank goodness) was modeled after my own Patches and my other cat was named after the character Max.

The pictues that follow are those that were drawn before Eclipse became a human story (and before Eclipse lost that weird blue hair ^_^). I left them up because I like them even though they don't fit (and can't hold a candle to the new ones above ^_^). I guess I didn't want to put them to waste just because I changed the story.

An Eclipse collage.

Eclipse sitting on a branch.

Patches changing into Elcipse.

The shadow transforming Patches.

Patches from behind.

A piece taken from a larger pic. The guy in the background on the right is Max.

Young Patches. Isn't she cute! She's kinda got this look like "What's going on here?"

The real cats Patches and Max. And yes, I know. Patches was a little fat. That's why her nickname is "Tubby". But she has since been on a diet and is rather slim now even though the Tubby nickname remains. ^_^

Eclipse leaning on a glass railing of some sort.

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