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The Cloud Sceptre

Yet another story I'm currently writing. Here's part of chapter one. Enjoy!

The bright light of late morning shone on the freshly fallen snow causing the entire area to sparkle. On a remote cliff side, seemingly millions of miles away from the nearest inhabitance, sat a young couple building a castle of snow. It was very tall as far as snow castles go, its highest tower standing at nearly four feet, with intricate railings surrounding miniature balconies and tiny stairways leading to small frosty doors. The young man packed a miniscule snowball tightly in his hands, red from the cold, before adding it to the peak of one tower's roof. His companion sighed as she watched him blankly. She turned her head to gaze over the side of the cliff thousands of feet above the ground. She tossed a small handful of snow into the chilled air and studied it as it traveled on its silent journey to the icy floor below. A soft breeze, warmed by the morning sun, caressed her cheek causing a few strands of her strawberry blonde hair to cross infront her face and waver out behind her. She knew what she must do.

She stood slowly, dusting the snowflakes from her fur trimmed pants as she rose. She took the remaining two steps to the very edge of the cliff and stared down from the dizzying height at which she stood, a small grin spreading across her face. The boy stopped molding his tower and looked up at her questioningly, "What are you doing?"

She dis not answer. Instead she closed her eyes and raised her arms as another gentle breeze floated past. "Ayslin?" the young man asked nervously. He reached out to grab her legs, but he was too late.

She pushed off with all her force and flung herself into the chasm. be continued...

Ayslin (the girl on the cliff) Dalziel (the guy on the cliff) Novia (Ayslin's mother) Tirzah (the bad guy)

The Cloud Sceptre (the story's namesake)

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