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Bijou Phillips was born prematurely on April Fools' Day, in 1980.(That would make her 19 for all you slow people.) Born to a great man of his times, john Phillips from the mamas and the papas, Her sisters being Wilson Phillips (half sister) Mackenzie Phillips (half sister).Bijou has had her bad days and very bad days. She has gone through Drug abuse which everyone seems to stress, But she has gotten away from that she has made something of her life, Away from the bimbo models,(well not all models are bimbos, I must admit i like James kings, but heard that bijou didn't like her. who knows,)Anyways,Bijou once said "if you love the old me then i don't want to be your friend."..."I was crazy, yeah,"I made mistakes. I had to get away from that, so i did."Which brings me to her record, Bijou's CD came out may 11th (i think) She recently went on tour with the lillth fair and now playing at the viper club In Cali. She has come along way, And I think she deserves some respect. Written by:Jennifer