Taygold's Meggie Jo C.D.

Born : April 2, 1986

OVC Hips Normal / Eyes Clear / SAS Screened

( Taygold's Chivas Regal CD x Taygold's Ramsea Jones )

( 9 weeks )


( 18 months )


( 14 years )


Megan introduced me to the sport of dogs. She was my first obedience and my first conformation dog. Although we didn't achieve much in the conformation ring we did manage a CD with respectable scores in just 4 trials.

Megan has been a constant companion and helped to raise 3 children ( now all teenagers ) She has also patiently tolerated many a puppy in her day. Although still very mobile at 14 , Megan prefers to lounge on the loveseat most of the time but will still bound into a room where there is popcorn or pizza bones to be shared.

Megan has been the epitomy of what a Golden Retriever should be. I hope to share many more years with our old girl.

On January 12, 2000, just short of her 16th birthday, I was obligated to help our dear old girl cross over Rainbow Bridge. Words can not begin to express the emptiness in my heart as I let her go. I take comfort in knowing that one day we will be together again.






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