This site is for all of you out there who believe with your heart and soul that Willow Rosenberg and Xander Harris belong to one another.  Believe me, this unrealized love story isn't over yet.  We just have to demand it... STAND UP FOR IT!!!  This is a hopelessly-romantic site.  It is devoted to bringing together two soulmates.


This is my contribution to the countless numbers of people who believe in Willow and Xander.  If you believe strongly enough to try and make a difference,  miracles may just happen.  Joss might just awake from his stupor.  So join the campaign for Willow and Xander, write a letter today. 

Make sure you read the introduction on the entrance page before you proceed.  But in case you've missed all the hints,   this is a W/X shipper site.  If this relationship is not to your liking,  just respect it and leave. Otherwise, join me in my crusade...

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Dear W/X friends,

I put my very first web-creation back on the Net because I figured I shouldn't let bad memories spoil such a strong archive of Willow/Xander fellowship. Unfortunately, I'm graduating from college and can't update for the time being. Don't know when, or if, I'll be back; probably when these characters finally get together on the show.

Regardless, thanks for the continued support and enjoy the site as it stands.

Bye for now :)

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