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07-01-2000 New: I have a new e-mail address:

I am looking for a job (preferably in Java) (interested both in employment opportunities and in working as a contractor).

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NFSI version 1.0

Copying-policy: GPL

Network File System Interface provides a uniformed interface to represent a file system to a NFS client. Thus a file system unknown to the client is perceived as a regular NFS file system. As an example, a tar archive file (possibly gzipped) could be represented in this way by the current version. The interface is implemented as a NFS server complete with portmapper and mount daemon. The server could be also used as a regular NFS server (ro in the current version).

Alternative site is also available. You should be able to download NFSI from the GNU Java software list at

07-21-99 New: Jtar version 1.21. Now you should be able to compile Jtar using JDK1.2 on a Windows machine. The fixes supplied by Joerg Gruel. Thanks!

Alternative site is available. Now you could also download Jtar from the GNU Java software list at
(Look for "local file").

05-23-99 Jtar version 1.2 gives you possibility to extract not only entire contents of a tar archive but also selected file (and directory) elements of the archive.
05-10-99 the complete source code distribution of Jtar 1.2 is here.
05-06-99 Jtar version 1.2 has now GUI.
12-21-98 Jtar version 1.1 supports GZIP compression/decompression.

Jtar 1.21
GNU tar ported to Java

I have ported to the Java language GNU archiving utility tar. Only the most basic tar functionality is implemented. The current version of Jtar (Version 1.21) is GUI enabled.
Grab the GPLed source code of Jtar (directory tree zipped into one file) here.
The previous command-line version is here

Here you can find some of my musings on
NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
and other issues of psychology

01-30-2000 Updated: A picture of the Tibetan letter A, that could be used for a simple semzin or for shamatha meditation, is here.

The same picture presented as an applet is here. (You'll need a Java-enabled browser).

For notes on buddhist yoga and nagualism click here.

For some short notes on the gift culture of open source software and it's implications for the NLP world click here.

For my own (somewhat rough) translation into German click here.

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