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Cameron M'uab Dib, Trollhater and former Fighter's Guild Master

      Cameron M'uab Dib is a tall elf with grey-green eyes that seem to see past his surroundings and to the truth of the matter at hand. His hair is long and black and you can see that he has a light beard growing upon his face. Along the right jaw line can still be seen a faint white scar that is almost covered up by the stubble of his sparse beard, but not quite.

      His warm, fur-lined Ranger's cloak only partially covers the fire dragon scale he is clad in and somehow seems to blend in with the immediate surroundings. Strung over his back are many bows that he made from the trees of Darkwell Wood, the homeland of his blood parents. His favored weapon is the flaming composite bow which he can be seen to use on most any day. Many have commented upon his strange accent, although it doesn't keep him from making his points. The elven ranger has had many horses as his mounts, but he now rides the black war stallion of his beloved wife, named Precision. Cameron can often be found resting on one of the beach fronts of Cosrin, sitting remembering the times he spent there with his Lady Fins.

      Trollhater was born Cameron Gordtstadta, the elven son of Niniel and Elantark Gordstadta. He lost both his parents and sister in a troll attack on his father's village at an early age but was saved from death by the trolls by a human knight, Paul M'uab Dib the III, who chose to adopt the young elf and raise him as his own. It was later in life that Cameron gained the nickname of 'Troll Hater', given him by his adoptive father on a troll hunt when he was thirteen. His ferociousness towards trolls at an early age made the name stick.

      As he grew older, Cameron spent more and more time with the Rangers of Moorgate often following them out on hunts until they decided to simply invite him along. Soon Paul M'uab Dib apprenticed him under the ranger Kalamar where he quickly prospered, learning all his tutor had to teach. Trollhater learned quickly was soon well known among the rangers of the land.

      Many years passed and found Trollhater making his way into the higher ranks of the fighter's guild of Moorgate. By the age of twenty-one he had become the guild's second guild master. He held the position of guild master for many years. It was in the year his half-brother, Jihad M'uab Dib, left on a journey to his family's homeland, that Cameron found himself in a 'crisis of faith', brought on by the many events of the day, not the least being the temptations of Morlend the warlock lord.

      Time passed and many grieved the loss of Jihad on the seas, his fiancee, the Lady Fins, was often found crying at the window sill of the fighter's bunk room, looking out onto sea. What started as Cameron consoling her in the loss of her fiancee, and her his step brother, fanned the sparks of an attraction that the two had always felt for each other. Soon after, he proposed to her and a wedding date was set.

      The day he was wed to his Lady Fins, or as he lovingly called her, his dear one, is both a happy and extremely sad moment for him. They were wed just as the sun was setting over the western part of the city of Moorgate. When the wedding party began preparations for the reception, Loki 'the Lord of Chaos', arrived to work his mischief on the couple. Loki waved his hands about in some arcane spell, and stole the ability of all present to leave the room and even cast a spell on the exit, so no one could leave. Loki then set the wedding area on fire, leaving the wedded couple and guests to die. The sun had set.

      The groom and guests searched and searched for a way out, some dying as the flames grew more intense. As they searched, one of the ceiling supports gave way and pinned Fins to the ground. Many tried to lift the timber off of her, but just as they were making headway against it, Loki teleported the groom and guests from the room, leaving Fins to die alone. The wedding party searched the city frantically for a way to get back, so that Fins could be saved, but to no avail.

      By this time the Lord of Chaos had summoned a great creature from another plane to attack the city of Moorgate and keep the rescuers at bay. The cries for help from Fins grew fainter and fainter until finally she died. Loki, seeing his moment, took her soul as it left her body and placed it into an apple, keeping the Lady Fins from becoming reborn. Loki tossed the apple to his lackey, telling him to eat it. Doing as his master told him, the lackey ate the apple, core and all, removing all possibility of Fins ever being seen in the lands again. Just then the sun rose.

      The wedding party, helping in the fight with the beast, finally slew the creature. Trollhater, sensing that something was greatly amiss, ran to his guild office to look over the guild membership books and saw that where before the name of Fins was written, was a faint smudge of ink. It was if she hadn't even existed.

      For a short while, he wandered the streets in a daze, barely acknowledging those around him. But then a ray of light broke from the heavens and Andaria, the record keeper of the gods appeared holding the book of souls in her hands. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she erased the name of Fins from the pages. Crying out to the Kali, she pleaded that there be some sort of justice in the days events.

      Appearing beside her, Kali saw what Loki had done. She knew that there was nothing that could be done for the soul of Fins. What one immortal did another could not undo.

      Summoning Trollhater to the site of the wedding, Kali made it known to the land that in order to form some sort of balance from Fins' death she would endow the elven ranger with the powers and abilities of a Hero. Troll searched the wedding site and found only Fin's engagement ring lying on the ground as proof that she had even been there. Unpacking a necklace he had found on his many journeys through the lands, Trollhater strung the necklace through the ring and put it on.

      They say that to this day, he still wears he ring around his neck. If you see him galloping through the land of Cosrin, shout out a mighty "Hail and well met", as he is oft want to do to others he meets upon the road.

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