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Press   Reviews  and  Aims
     Feedback from an audience for an artist is one of the gifts that keep your work fresh and alive. Here we have gathered some press reviews and some pictures of the shows we have been involved in around the world.
  Tribal Drift is expanding at rate where our show concepts will be released in multimedia visual ways , synching up to the music dynamic changes in the stage environment and audience areas. This approach will push the band into a show that will help communicate the music's message and make an interactive environment.
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Rolling Stone Czech edition/translation
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   The Australian band Tribal Drift came for a short visit only in 1996. They left behind, people dancing madly in the Smichov Cultural Center and disappeared somewhere in the world. The hypnotic sound of didgeridoo (a piece of eucalyptus wood) is typical for this band. Inspired by ambient music, Jamaican dub and digital trance music, the band uses elements of these styles to lead you into a trippy world music journey. After some personnel changes, two albums and their appearance on a number of "cult" compilations Tribal Drift performed on Jeleni Prikop in Prague Castle in 1998. The show belonged to them easily the most appreciated from the audience perspective , and the band in the end stayed in the Czech Rep. for a few months, playing over twenty gigs that were originally not planned. Tribal Drift fell in love at first sight with Prague and the Czech Rep. in general, as it did and still is with them!!! Their live set from the Prague Roxy was born again when it was released as a new album: Live at the Roxy. The album managed to recreate the hypnotic power of their shows as well as the atmosphere. The sound of Cyrung´s didgeridoo and the ethno percussion (Andrew Byrnes) characterized the exotic sound of this live album. The flexible singer Shiney La Fei also contributed hugely to the effect of the album. Heavy bass guitarist (Dougal Hallowes) shows his power for example in the song…The laws that I live by. This spring tour started with two new band members. Keyboard player Pete Smolik was replaced by Mary Budimir, who was recently experimenting in Australian dance-club scene. Another good asset is Grant Naylor who specializes in African drumming techniques. After ongoing spring tour, Svojsice, Jelenak in Brumlovka we recommend their planned live sets on July 10 in Festival Koprivnice as well as the Svetavy festival...
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Project Roku , translates from Czech to
"Band of the year"
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Cut from a Czech music magazine

 We were all flattered to get feed back like this. As some of the bands in the list to the right are listened to in the tour bus , and clubs etc. with highest respect to there skills and message in the music. Eastern Europe is in need of releasing some pent up and confused energy and at the same time having some hope for change and stability. Tribal Drift seems to be touching somewhere people identify with and facilitating this , and encouraging bands emerging in the region to get out and do it them selves on a world front.
   A close up the list to the left

Tribal Drift has appealed to the skateboarding and the snow boarding crew in Europe. We have played for numerous events , like "Mystic skate" an international tournament held in the Czech Republic , dance music is replacing the rock dominated area with bands like the Prodigy and is becomeing the normal choice of this culture. We do not have a translation at the moment of this article.

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