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comp - CD album - Jungle Records - 1995 - Middle 4 CD.
Still available
This is a dub version of ants , more on the half tempo roots feal. Laid back with lots of delayed Didgeridoo and loops.

More soon on this album as I get the time to do it.
Like This
Creative Innovative
comp -CD album - Nation Records - 1995 - NAT50CD
Still available
A remix of "Like this" in a house style , by S1000

Land Rights
Taking Liberties
comp - Double CD album - Totem Records - 1994 - TTPCD 005
Available still , this was an important release , helping out the charities for human rights in the UK. Tracks by Dreadzone , System 7 , the Orb and many more. More soon on this Album.
Like This
Creative Innovative
comp -CD album - Nation Records - 1995 - NAT50CD
Still available
A remix of "Like this" in a house style , by S1000

Survival 2000
comp - CD album - Total Records - 1994 - Tribe CD01
Still available , this is a worthy compalation to look out for. Full track listing soon.

Innocence inside Ignorance
Ambient Amazon
comp -CD album - Tumi Records - 1994 - TMDCD01
  Still available , this album was a project to help the Warani people of the Amazon basin in South America
There were contributions from bands in the U.K , with a load of feild recordings of these people singing there songs of the bush , and sounds of the animals as palete to choise from. The mixes all have a comon thread of these sounds and link a continual changing contemery dance and electronic sound to these people.
More soon
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Fosters beer free give away !?
Tape album - Didjit Records - 1994 - DIDJIT01
Deleted and a rare tape to find.Includes original demos of unreleased songs. Some may rebound one day for those out there with one of these tapes that is worn out.
Like This
Global Sweat box
comp - CD album - Nation Records - 1993 - NRO15CD
Remixes of the single Like This ,still available on CD via Nation
Like This
12 inch single vinyl - Nation Records - 1992
The begining , now deleted from stock on vinyl , contact Nation about re-press

Spirit People
Inside Out
tape - Didjital 001 - 1990
Acollectors peice , 9 Didgeridoos and percussion weave a jungly journey. Four tracks each 10 minutes.

Spirit People
Simple Harmonic Motion
tape - Didjital 002- 1990
Another collectors peice. Two didgeridoos in a low key of A , plus jungle sound samples of the rainforrest create a meditational journey. Thru demand we will be compiling a CD of the two Spirit People tapes. Available soon

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