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Our Music and Discography
   Some of our recordings are rare or hard to find and some formats extinked. We will be able to provide soon a back catalogue so return to keep updated or join our mail list for updates.
Along with detailing in more detail the older material , we will also have up soon information on some of the individual projects and remixes the band has been involved in
An EP will be released (soon) with mixes of a kicking new tune called "The rise of a gullwing" It will be at around 146 bpm on a relentles trance oriented vibe with a dub and DJ mix in vinal and CD. Included will be a tune from the new album, a taster of what is to be released in 1999
Our distribution up to now has been limited , things have changed now though, and we have secured distribution in many parts of the world. Along with this is the net , again to date it has not been posible to keep up with all the requests for our music. Sorry for the delays! We will have un update in the next few weeks on the home page of online shops and distributers near you. Thanks for your interest.
Live at the Roxy Praha
CD album - 1999 - TDCD 11.11
   Available thru local record shops , HMV , Virgin , or order thru the band
   This album is a long awaited release of the full on live vibe that the band can create. Deliverd thru the tour of in Europe 98 , it spans new and older songs with a journey of rising beats from around the world in tempo and intensity.
   The energy of an audiance of over a thousand people in a venue in Prague , combined with twisting songs into a shape that only lots of shows can do, makes this CD have an energy that will get you moving.
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Tracks Included on the album are:
    1  Void         2  Warani         3  Belly        
    4  The laws that I live by     5  Obs     6Within you
    7  Anahata     8  Volcano    9Recipe       
  =  Previously unreleased

Total running time is
77 minutes 11 seconds
A wicked journey in Prague CZ.
Disciplinic Flow
Sacred Sites Return to the Source
CD album - RTTS Records - 1997 - LCO542
Available thru RTTS and your favorite trance record shop
   Track contributers included on this double album include Medicine Drum and Youth. A long and pleasing journey through an original approch from RTTS
The Tribal Drift track is made up of samples I recorded in India and is dedicated to the river Ganga. A chilled out peice that is designed to let you hopfuly feal India and it's wonderfull devotion
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Tracks Included on the double album are:
Disc one
  1  .ManMadeMan : Kill of Shining Beings   2  .Insectoid : Tribedelic Nomads
  3  Joujouka : Ama no Kawa   4  Quirk : Energy Transition
  5  Parasonix : Flight of the Pteradactyl   6  .Medicine Drum : Supernature
  7  Anubis : Rites of Ra   8  Laughing Buddha : Tapu
  9  Buzzcraft : Llias   10  Masa : Dawn of Man
Disc two
  1  Ceiba : Sky Spirit   2  Tribal Drift : Disciplinic Flow
  3  Cat Von Trapp : Reaper Girl   4  U.V.W : Hypnofly   5  Tripitaka : Mootawinjee
  6  Azukx : Newgrange   7  Astralasia : Every Mother's Son   8  Yokota : Time Gate
  9  Youth : Freefall   10  Universal Sound : Stone Henge   11  Star Children : Sacred Reunion
Priority Shift.....A bridge in time
CD album - On U Sound Records - 1996 - ON-U88
Available thru the mighty ON-U and distributers EFA Meiden in Germany. We have been trying to supply this CD to shops and our fans , but due to the changes in ON-U it has been difficult to meet the demand.
This album was writen with more of a techno feal , and a more instrumental aproach. A number of the songs were ment to be remixed into differant forms around the releasse date of the record and this still will happen when the budgit / time allows.
Tracks Included on the album are:
  1  Once a ponder time         2  Priority Shift        
  3  The Laws that I live by
  4  Observations in pond movement
  5   Further down the stream   6   What are we doing here ?   7   Anahata
  8  Cyclic pulse factor in the sense of 7
  9  Are you a pulsar twinkling in the jigsaw of creation ?        

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Club meets Dub
Compalation - CD album - Zip dog Records - 1996 - ZD8CD
Still selling well , a worthey colection of bands. Click on the picture of the cover to go to Mega dog and order it.
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New Moves
comp - CD album - Chill Out Records - 1996 - ChillCD0008
Deleted from stock due to the fall of ChillOut
Maybe still around in some second hand record shops. This is a version of Transmutation that is more up tempo than the Return to the Source mix.
The album has some early Talvin Singh music and other UK artists on a dance tip
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Collective Journeys
CD album - Chill Out Records - 1995
   Available thru local record shops , HMV , Virgin , or order thru the band
       A mix of slow world music and faster tecno this album still stands out now as a true world dance inspired album with timless music.
With a range of artists guesting along with earlier members , the mix of songs is thick with musical styles and textures.
Tracks Included on the album are:
  1  The Void ;  2  Belly   3  Fertile   4  Ants
  5   Transmutation   6  Volcano   7  The Void (reprise)
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EP vinyl -Chill Out Records - 1995
Deleted from stock due to Chill Out becoming extincked
EP vinyl - Chill Out Records - 1995
Same as above unfortunatly for the DJs. We will be doing some limited pressing of vinal for our new relises , so if anyone is desperate for this medium, then email us.
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Return to the source
comp - CD album - Pyramid Records - 1995 - RTTSCD1
Still available through Pyramid , an ambient version of this tune along with other wicked UK dance artists, more information soon
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Tracks Included on the double album are:
Disc one
  1  The Holy Ghost : The Phaser   2  Doof : We Are Free
  3  Hallucinogen : Spike   4  Juno Reactor : Feel the Universe - Otto edit
  5  Psychaos : Soundbeams   6  .Total Eclipse : Le Lotus Bleu - Dragon's Breath mix
  7  Medicine Drum : Wizards Brew   8  Source Experience : Cortex
  9  Mindfield : Odyssey of the Mind   10  Technossomy : Timepiece - Hienous Frank's edit   11  Prana : Dervish - Spiral mix
Disc two
  1  Cat Von Trapp : Buffalo Returning   2  Outer Active : Ghost of 1000 Rabbis
  3  Tribal Drift : Transmutation   4  Medicine Drum : Water   5  Solar Quest : Dubblet
  6  Neera : Sacred   7  Mindfield : Infobahn   8  Ingredient X : Cyclone 7
  9  Another Green World : On Lydia's Sixth Moon   10  Rhythm of Space : Yggsdrasil
To more music and discography
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