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W hat can be found here is tour dates and information on recordings past / future, biography's, and pictures of the band Tribal Drift. There are ways to contact us and coming up soon is real audio / video sound files of recordings and performances, plus audio samples to down load for Aki samplers in wav format.
We are updating ( as usual ) at the moment , and you may encounter some mistakes etc. We will be locating to a new server soon so faster access and more fun stuff will arrive.

   We are now just me, as in Cyrung. The band has dissolved into hibernation with me being in retreat for over a year at "Kangaroo Valley" in Australia. All the other previous members are somewhere in Sydney I apologize to any one for my late update of our movements. I am committed to finding a peace of bush suitable for the next album to be made and developed via. You can help this by ordering CDs from the past. I can now provide this. Just e-mail me for details.
The band sends a shout and thanks to everyone that has come to our shows and e-mail support and praise for what we have done, we really appreciate this.

 Guidance to you , enjoy the ride...................

Webmaster = Cy