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   All our shows are listed here, with the latest for this year at the top of the list. Some are still being updated ( I am so busy with being a musician ) so please check again in the next couple of weeks. Along with the updates will the Australian shows for this year and the European and U.S.A shows. Yes we will be in the states next year !
Our millenium show is so far torn bettween the north and southern hemisheres , we can not at this moment tell where we will be ( to be fair with the promoters ) , but we expect a confirmation in the next week or so
Tribal Drift has opend up lots of new teritory this year , thanks to all who attended the shows , its your feadback to the promoters and orginisers of shows that keep us comming back.
We wish to pay back the orginsers of the events by linking to them and helping any band / agency etc, that needs information on putting on shows or collaberations. Please email us If we can help , and visit the home sites of the shows
Often its some of the nicest shows that come from somones idea or concept , rather than a normal venue or event , so if anyone has some idea for a Tribal Drift show , let us know. We
Check out the sites by clicking on the box with the flashing stars for more info on the artist and event
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