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The band has been changing again , with a couple of members moving on to other things and therefore making musical holes to fill up or leave there. It's an exiting time to see what develops on the way, with guest instrumentalists and singers , new influences and aspirations , adding to the new album and singles on the way.
What will be the aim, is to make more streamlined dance music so as to fit into clubs and venues that normaly would not have the band because of the stage needs/equipment and logistics of moving the band around. This will mean we shall be reach places not before played and forming aliances with dance orginisers across the globe

A complete history of Tribal Drift crew's will come along some day , when there is more time than now to do the web work.. If any one needs to find out where they are or some info , just e-mail us. Meanwhile we will get on with what we need to do , make music and live by it.

didgeridoo / percussion samples / keyboards / vocals
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   Cyrung AKA Craig Miller has been using London as his base for the last 9 years , with Australia his native home. Now though with a heavy touring schedule, his base now is more @ an e-mail address somewhere in cyber space.
   After being involved with an all Didgeridoo band in Australia and rock outfit , he traveled through Asia for 7 years collecting musical information and experiences and on arrival in the U.K was in demand.
Arriving at the beginning of the dance scene in 1989 and being involved with Shoom (a club) led him to collaborate with Boy George and his partner on live PA's delivering a live feel with DJ's . This spawned the idea that led to Tribal Drifts birth , and through support of the label Nation Records a single was released that received single of the week in the NME. The band was then on a roll and on the circuit with it's own headlines and supports like , The levelers , Dreadzone , Trans Global Underground.
   Session work , modeling , and theater paralleled this along with teaching Didgeridoo and organizing gatherings including the Day of the Didge, setting the record at 265 players in one place! Sound healing and music therapy with the Didgeridoo in hospitals day centers and one to ones has been received by the international press and TV as a breakthrough in how we understand and utilize sound , this being a template for Tribal Drift , in that the sound developed with the band is harmonious and up lifting.
   The future is bright with prospects including the release of a live album recorded in Prague , a world music based ambient album and the Tribal Drift studio based album and singles for 1999. Along with this a re - mastering of a tutorial tape, Didge it Yourself, on playing the Didgeridoo to CD which has been steadily selling. Check out the Didg it yourself home page for more details.
Cyrung has written and performed on and in a variety of musical projects, acting and modeling work including :
Spirit People / Lights in a Fat City / Haze lDean / Nina Hagen / Coil / Fundamental / Maria Mackee / Danny Rampling / Phil Mansenera / Steve Hilage / Youth / National Theater London / Hope charity (Music therapy) / T.A.P.S (Traditional artsworkshops) / British fashion awards / M.T.V
Grant Naylor
Percussion / Vocals / Samples

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   Grant was born in a country town called Bathurst in the state of New South Wales , Australia.
After dabbling in the drums from an early age , Grant went travelling around Asia and Europe in '89 and developed a taste for percussion. At this point he joined an african drum troupe and toured around the U.K festival circuit, also playing with other acts including A.K.K and Ibile.
From there Grant travelled across the globe, picking up influences from all that he met. Arriving back in Australia in '92 he formed a school for percussion, which culminated in 70 piece performances for the Sydney festival.
More pictures of Grant
   Grant continued to perform in bands with percussion and drum kit, also concentrated on working with and directing drumming dance troupes . Since then Grant has been in constant demand and has been on numerous tours all over Australia and Europe including a theatre tour with 'Stalker' Stilt Theatre. He has also travelled to many places with the aim of studying traditional music. Money has never been the main objective and that has always taken Grant on the most interesting of 'voyages'!! Joining Tribal Drift was a natural step into a tribe he has long been a part of !
   Workshops are avaliable from Grant in African drumming/percussion and Mbira (thumb piano), Rhythms studied are from Guinea, Sierra L'eone, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Gambia, South Africa and Zimbabwe.
   Band Action include : Skin / Two way ting / African kultural kontractors / Tommee & the neighbourhood / Thelemic pulse / Afram / Thami / Bubaca / Korzmotion Krunk / Tribal touch, Beat n Rhythm, Floating temple, Mea culpa, Central, Henry trout

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