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test your English test

Past Simple - irregular verbs 1
Below you will find 10 sentences, each with one word missing.
In the boxes provided type what you think is the missing word.
Then click on Get Score to see how well you have done.
Click on Clear to try the test again. Good luck!


1. Yesterday I .. to the cinema.(go)

2. My sister .. a birthday cake last week. (bake)

3. Peter .. his bicycle to work yesterday. (ride)

4. Susan and Michael . to Salzburg two days ago. (drive)

5. Jane .. her mother to the theatre last Saturday. (take)

6. A friend .. his leg while paragliding. (break)

7. Last week Mary .. a cold. (have)

8. My son .. a lot of homework last night. (do)

9. Rainer .. a lot of Guinness in the pub last night. (drink)

10. Manfred .. new glasses last month. (buy)

Score =
Correct answers:

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