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test your English test

Test your English - past and perfect tenses
Select what you think are the correct answers below,
then click on the Get Score button. Good luck!

1. Yesterday I ..... through the city when I saw someone famous.
was walking
have been walking
did walk
had been walking

2. What ..... for lunch yesterday?
eated you
had you eaten
ate you
have you eaten
did you eat

3. How many times ..... to Italy?
did you go
have you been going
went you
have you been
have you gone

4. What ..... yesterday evening?
did you do
had you done
did you
have you done
have you been doing

5.My friend and I ..... the zoo yesterday.
were visiting
have visited
had visited
did visit

6. You're late! I ..... for twenty minutes.
have been waiting
am waiting
have waited
had been waiting

7. You're a teacher! How long ..... a teacher?
are you
have you been
do you be
were you
had you been

8. How long ..... each other?
do we know
are we knowing
did we know
have we known
have we been knowing

9. Where ..... for your last holiday?
did you go
have you been
have you gone
are you going
went you

10. You live in Vienna! How long ..... in Vienna?
do you live
had you lived
live you
are you living
have you lived

Score =
Correct answers:

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