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test your English tests

For or Since: 2
Below you will find 10 sentences, each with one word missing.
In the boxes provided type either for or since.
Then click on Get Score to see how well you have done.
Click on Clear to try the test again. Good luck!


1. My sister has lived in Toronto ..... 1993.

2. I've been on this train ..... four hours..

3. Wolfgang has worked in this team ..... three years.

4. We've had our car ..... February.

5. I've been working on this project ..... two weeks.

6. We've been married ..... 8 years.

7. They've been in a meeting ..... 2 o'clock.

8. Christine's been at work ..... 9 hours.

9. She's been on holiday ..... May 14th..

10. I've known Mary ..... three years.

Score =
Correct answers:

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