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test your English tests

Present simple negatives - don't or doesn't: 2
Below you will find 10 sentences, each with one word missing.
In the boxes provided type either don't or doesn't.
Then click on Get Score to see how well you have done.
Click on Clear to try the test again. Good luck!


1. I ..... want to go the party.

2. Manfred wants to go the pub, but John ..... .

3. Julia ..... like it when her boyfriend goes online for hours!

4. If Robert asks you for some sweets, ..... give him any.

5. They ..... want to come to my party.

6. I like biscuits but Daniela ..... .

7. Please ..... give us any homework!.

8. My friend Wolfgang ..... like cheap watches.

9. What exactly ..... you understand?

10. I ..... like cold weather.

Score =
Correct answers:

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