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test your English tests

Present simple questions - do or does: 4
Below you will find 10 sentences, each with one word missing.
In the boxes provided type either do or does.
Then click on Get Score to see how well you have done.
Click on Clear to try the test again. Good luck!


1. ..... you speak English?

2. ..... she speak Slovakian?

3. ..... English people really wear bowler hats?

4. What ..... this word mean?

5. What time ..... this class finish?

6. Who ..... we have to report to?

7. How many cigarettes ..... you smoke a day?

8. ..... your grandmother live with you?

9. ..... hearing bad news make you depressed?

10. ..... penguins live in the Arctic or the Antarctic?

Score =
Correct answers:

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