The Adopted profile

Photograph by Christina Mathers. Artistic direction: Lynn Breton. (2007)

The Band:

CHEETAH (center) wordsmith, lead vocals, guitars & keyboards
STEPH BOUCHER (new) drums & percussion
ANTHONY WAY (right) bass & background vocals


Founded by Cheetah, every original member of this Ottawa based indie rock act were all by fluke adopted.

Since inception, the outfit has earned themselves the distinction of being a rock and roll institution passionate towards relating to listeners everywhere; energetic, soulful, thought provoking, introspective songs on love, life, longing & faith.

For those who have witnessed delivery of their sonic agenda onstage, The Adopted is also a group intensely committed into sharing with fans - the promise of a poignantly electrifying live performance.

Armed with four nationally exposed videos in North America, hundreds of engagements and several critically acclaimed independent releases, this exciting One Man Industry recording artist is poised and ready for success in the new millennium.

Musical Vision:
To create powerfully refreshing, provocative, influential and uncompromising hit recordings that are relevant to the times.

Support Act for Major Label Recording Artists:

  • The Trews (Bumstead/Sony/BMG)
  • See Spot Run (D7/Universal)
  • Natalie Merchant (WEA)
  • The Northern Pikes (Virgin)
  • Weddings, Parties & Anything (WEA)
  • The Grapes of Wrath (Capitol/EMI)

Major Festivals, Fairs & Events ...
Canada Day Festival 2005 (Ottawa), Fringe Festival 2005 (Ottawa), McGill OAP 2004 Frosh (Montreal), SSMU McGill 2004 Frosh (Montreal), Super Ex 2004 & 2005 (Ottawa), SLC Frosh Concert 2003 (Kingston), Waterfront Festival 2003 (Pembroke), 2003 Emergenza International Music Festival, 2002 Central Canada Exhibition, 2002 Montreal Fringe Festival, Gloucester Fair 2002 & 2001, 2001 Capital Music Conference/Bluesfest (Ottawa), 2001 Trudeau Park Canada Day Bash (Tweed), Lee's Palace (Toronto), Rockfest (Ottawa), 2nd Amnesty International Benefit (Ottawa).

Professional Gear
Epiphone, Daisy Rock, Steinberger, Godin, Fender & Takamine guitars. Yamaha, Fender & Ibanez basses. Epek, Pearl, Ayotte, Yamaha, Roland & Tama drums. Electro Voice & AKG microphones. Power & Amplification by Crate, Peavey & GK

Some Favourite Venues:
Arts Club Theatre (Vancouver), Purple Crab (Vancouver), Babylon Nightclub (Ottawa), Barrymore's Music Hall (Ottawa), Le Swimming (Montreal), Lee's Palace (Toronto), Zaphod Beeblebrox (Ottawa), Cafe DeKcuf (Ottawa), Murphy's Inn Concert Hall (Cornwall), Astrolabe Theatre (Ottawa), The Rainbow (Ottawa), The Riverwalk Waterfront Amphitheatre (Pembroke), Queen's Pub (Kingston), McGill University (Montreal), The Thirsty Toad (Ottawa).

The Adopted Alumni:
Johnny Cinanni (guitar), John O'Brien (drums), Steve Hiscox (drums) & James Harbinson (bass)

Ottawa Citizen, The Ottawa Sun, Metro Magazine (Ottawa), Toronto Teen Magazine, NOW (Toronto), The Algonquin Times (Ottawa), Twelve Midnite (Toronto), Trans-FM (Ottawa), Action Entertainment (Ottawa), The OttawaXpress (Ottawa), TC Express (Ottawa), Standard Freeholder (Cornwall, ON), ChartAttack (Toronto), Muzik Etc. (Longueuil, QC), The News (Ottawa)

Internet Sites
As featured or listed in ...

Yahoo ! Launch,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, (United Global Artists),,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Worldwide Internet Radio Internet Radio Network, Free World Radio, Len Amsterdam Radio Show, Iceberg Radio, NMC Radio, Radio IUMA, Sean Radio, XFM Ottawa,, Live 365,,, radio,,

The Ottawa Sun

TV, Cable & Satellite Networks

MuchMusic Indie Spotlight, MusiquePlus, IndieStreet (MuchMusic), The Wedge (MuchMusic), Video Hits (CBC), Soundtrack (Skyline), Switchback (CBC), Streets of Ontario (CBC), Eye on Ottawa (CTV-CJOH), Ottawa Today (CHRO), Newsday (CBC), Vancouver Now (Rogers), Daytime (Rogers), Breakfast @ The New RO (CHUM Media Television), News @ 6 (CTV-CJOH), ZeD TV/Online (CBC open source television), CKWS-TV (Kingston), Canadian Music TV (Toronto).


Swept Away TV, Varsity TV & Comcast Digital Cable (in 42 major U.S. markets). iM Television (New Jersey), Access Central Media, Time Warner Cable (Manhattan, N.Y.), KCSG TV (St. George, Utah), Adrenaline Nation TV (Clearwater, Fl), eaTV (MA, USA)


  • Wolfsburg, Germany - TV 38
  • Adelaide, Australia - Channel 31

Radio Support

One Man Industry Sampler CD. 2006.

Request "Singed" by The Adopted on the One Man Industry CD Sampler serviced to these commercial, satellite, college, community and internet radio stations below:



Ottawa, ON - CBC Radio One 91.5FM, The Bear 106.9 FM, Chez FM, CKCU FM, CHUO FM, CKDJ FM, Live 88.5 FM
Toronto, ON - XM Satellite Radio, Iceberg Radio-Sirius Satellite, CKLN 88.1FM, CFNY FM, CHRY 105.5FM, CIUT 89.5FM, Len Amsterdam Radio
Kingston, ON - CFRC 101.9 FM, CRSL FM, K-Rock 105.7 FM
Lethbridge, AB - CKUL FM
Edmonton, AB - CKUA FM, CJSR 88.5FM
Nanaimo, BC - CHLY 101.7 FM
Welland, ON - CRNC 90.1 FM
Oshawa, ON - the FREQ. UOIT Radio
Vancouver, BC - CBC Radio 2, CITR Radio
Barrie, ON - Kangar Radio International
Hamilton, ON - CFMU
Sudbury, ON - CKLU 96.7
Windsor, ON - CJAM 91.5FM, 95.1FM
Lennoxville, QC - CJMQ 88.9FM
Montreal, QC - CJLO 88.9FM, CKUT 90.3FM
Waterloo, ON - CKMS-FM
Winnipeg, MB - UMFM, CKUW 95.5FM
Saint John, NB - CFMH 92.5FM
Burnaby, BC - CJSF Radio
Calgary, AB - CJSW 90.9FM
Halifax, NS - CKDU 97.5FM
Fredricton, NB - CHSR-FM
Belleville, ON - CJLX 92.3FM
St. Catharines, ON - CFBU 103.7FM
Peterborough, ON - Trent Radio 92.7FM
Guelph, ON - CFRU 93.3FM
Victoria, BC - CFUV 101.9FM
Sackville, NB - CHMA
St. John's, NF - CHMR FM
London, ON - CHRW 94.9FM


New York, NY. - M3 Radio
Cambridge, MA - WHRB
Boston, MA - WTBU, WERS
Acton, MA - WHAB
Carbondale, IL - WDBX
Lancaster, CA - Surge Radio 96.3FM
El Centro, CA - 88.7 FM
Mexicali, CA - 104.1 FM
New London, CT - WCNI 90.9FM
Ledyard, CT - WCSE 100.1 FM
Southbridge, MA - ENGAGE Radio
Long Beach, CA - K-Beach Radio
Amherst, MA - WAMH, WMUA 91FM
Ann Arbor, MI - WCNB FM
Arcata, CA - KHSU-FM
Athens, OH - ARCN
Auburn, WA - KGRG
Austin, TX - KVRX, KUT Radio
Azusa, CA - KAPU
Ames, IA - KURE
Alfred, NY - WALF 89.7FM
Fairbanks, AK - KSUA Radio
Tuscon, AZ - KAMP Radio
Berkeley, CA - KALX Radio
Fresno, CA - KFSR FM
Los Angeles, CA - KXLU 88.9FM, KSCR
Stanford, CA - KZSU
Greeley, CO - KUNC-FM
Newark, DE - WVUD
Coral Gables, FL - WVUM 90.5FM
Tampa, FL - WMNF 88.5FM
Athens, GA - WUOG 90.5FM
Atlanta, GA - WREK 91.1FM, 99X
Boise, ID - Boise State Radio
Bangor, ME - WHSN 89.3FM
Chicago, IL - WIIT 88.9FM
Iowa City, IA - KRUI 89.7FM
Lexington, KY - WRFL
Baton Rouge, LA - KLSU

Grand Rapids, MI - 88.1FM WYCE
Minneapolis, MN - Radio K
Saint Paul, MN - WMCN 91.7FM
Saint Cloud, MN - KVSC 88.1FM
Mississipi State, MS - WMSV Radio
Kansas City, MO - KCUR-FM
St. Louis, MO - 90.7 KWMU-FM, 3WK
Bozeman, MT - KGLT Radio
Missoula, Montana - KBGA
MUB Durham, NH - WUNH
Raleigh, NC - NCSU
Chapel Hill, NC - WXYC 89.3FM
Portland, OR - KPSU Radio, KRRC 97.9FM
Corvallis, OR - KBVR FM
Eugene, OR - KWVA 88.1FM
Cleveland, OH - WCSB
Wooster, OH - WCWS-FM
Morgantown, WV - WWVU FM
Milwaukee, WI - MSOE-WMSE
Midland, TX - KQRX
Cincinnati, OH - WOXY
Columbus, OH - CD101
Middletown, NJ - Flashback Alternatives
Dover, NH - 92.1FNX (WPHX)
Lynn, MA - 101.7 FNX
Pittsburgh, PA - 1 WRCT
Scranton, PA - WUSR 99.5FM
Philadelphia, PA - WKDU 91.7FM
University Park, PA - WPSU-FM
Chattanooga, TN - WUTC 88.1FM
Murfreesboro, TN - WMTS 88.3FM


Seixal, Portugal - Radio Pinhal de Frades
Santa Fe City, Argentina - 97.7mhz FM Rock

Dublin, Ireland - Phantom FM




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