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Dorking & Mole Valley A.C.

Dorking and Mole Valley A.C. has training sessions at Dorking, Fetcham, Bookham and Epsom.
The club caters for all ages ( U11 to Vet ) and all events ( X-Country, Track, Road and Triathlon).


Day Time Place Session
Monday Juniors over 11 6.50pm-8.30pm

Seniors 7pm

Over 16s 7.30pm
St Martins School, Dorking

Oakfield Middle School, Fetcham

Run followed by 8pm cicuits and strength training

Circuit Training
Tuesday 7.15 pm Alternating between Epsom and Bookham Road Intervals
Thursday Under 11s 6.45pm-8.00pm

Juniors and Seniors 7pm
St Martins School, Dorking

Club HQ,Pixham Lane

Intervals etc
Saturday Masters 7.00am Dorking Pool Swim Sessions
Sunday 9.30am Various Distance Sessions

For further information Email Phil Sears

Dorking 10 Mens Results 1999 ( excel )

Dorking 10 Womens Results 1999 ( excel )

Dorking 10 Mens Results 2000 (word doc)

Dorking 10 Womens Results 2000 (word doc)