Jem was Truely Outrageous, (Kimber wasn't)

Back in the 80's, Jem was the coolest girl next to Barbie. Unlike Barbie though, Jem had her own cartoon. The cartoon was mainly about Jem and her friends who had a band called "Jem and the Holograms". But there was another girl band in the show called "The Misfits" who were the bad characters that always did bad things to Jem. Jem also had a boyfriend with purple hair named "Raeo"(he was the Ken of the show). I don't seem to remember the cartoon all that well to tell you the truth, but what I do remember is the Jem dolls. In my opinion Jem was way cooler then Barbie. Each Jem doll came with a tape that had songs from the TV show. Jem dolls were a little better proportioned then Barbie was and if you got the Glitter and Gold Jem doll, she had earrings that lit up and sparkly hair. I remember one Christmas I wanted to get the Jem doll so badly, but so did my sister. Of coarse, being the youngest, my sister got Jem. I got Jem's little sister in the show, Kimber. In the tv show Kimber was a big whiner, which I guess sorta suited me because I was a big whiner when I was little. But Kimber also got picked on often in the show. I remember playing Jem with my sister and her friend Roseanne. Their dolls would always pick on and beat up mine, which upset me, but they would just say "We're just playing like the TV show!". Another thing I also really hated about Kimber was her hair cut. She had these really ugly red bangs that just looked stupid, so one day I decided to give her a hair cut. I cut off all of her bangs leaving her bald at the top of her head and having long hair in the back. This just made my sister and her friend make fun of Kimber even more. After I cut her hair, I seemed to care less and less about the doll. Infact, I made her be the obnoxious, annoying person when I played with my Barbies and her bright red hair(what was left of it) made her the perfect mother for my Ariel doll!