we are moving to a new (and ad-free) hosting space. hopefully this will not only be a smooth transition, but the last one of this kind we'll have to make. to celebrate, once the new site is up we'll post an mp3 or two that we've been hanging on to.
we are still not up to the task of building a website, or playing any shows. this site will be updated with news as soon as there are any new developments. our email address is working.
so, our site it back up. sort of. we had some problems with our hosting service (they deleted EVERYTHING). we are now working on redesigning and rebuilding our site somewhere else. until that's finished, you can find necessary information here.
-also if you emailed us after about 1 pm on april 11th, we didn't get it (our email went down with the site). feel free to resend it.
contact information:
email us at: info@dyingriot.com

ps- we apologize for the annoying advertising, but it will have to do until we get our hosting situation figured out.