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Aussie Sandboarding

Enjoy Sandboarding in Australia

6 Steve - Indy 1 Steve

4 Steve - Melencholy gone bad 5 Darcy - Melencholy 2 Darcy
3 Darcy - Nose Grab off Table

Photos compliments of
Australia 2001

G'Day. Here's some photos for your site. The first 3 pics are of myself, and the second3 are of my friend Darcy. The range of our sandboarding is vast, anywhere from Exmouth to Albany (in West Australia, yet to explore the East). Unfortunatly it is illegal to board here (only if your caught), but generally the rangers dont care about us. We have been boardin for 4 years now, and just wanted to show that we downunder are gradually catchin on to this wicked sport. Go hard, or go Home, Buz