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Welcome to SLOPESIDE Ministries!

What is SLOPESIDE Ministries??

Details about SLOPESIDE Ministries

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SLOPESIDE Ministries is designed as a vehicle to be used by churches and their youth ministries to go beyond the walls of their building, and reach out to where the people are.

We are an equipping program, which focusses on the discipleship and training of Christian youth to share their faith with others.

This approach allows the youth to have ownership in the ministry and teach them the responsibility of their role as Christians concerning outreach.

We are in process of preparing this ministry for the 1999/2000 ski season, starting in the Southern Ontario, Canada ski resort area (Yes, we are Y2K compliant).

If you are interested in getting involved, or would like a copy of our PowerPoint 97 presentation, please email the director of SLOPESIDE Ministries at the address below. (please note the underscore in the address -

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