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      Mail to:
      P.O.B. 4844, Newark, Ohio 43058-4844

      Web address: (You're there now!)

      E-mail address for John or Judith:
      for Judith or
      for John.

      Please note:
      Due to travel and other scheduling, we check e-mail several times a week but not daily.

      Telephone consultation for homeschool parents
      and those considering homeschooling

      Would you like a one-on-one telephone consultation with Judith Allee? The cost is $25 for up to one hour, then $5 for each additional quarter hour. For more information, contact Judith at

      To contact the publisher
      MEDIA CONTACTS: To book media appearances, you can contact Judith Allee directly (information above) or contact the publisher. To request a review copy of the book for publication purposes, please contact the publisher.

      Shaw Books at WaterBrook Press
      A division of Random House
      2375 Telstar Drive
      Colorado Springs, Colorado 80920
      E-mail: Marketing
      (In subject line, please put "Marketing Dept.")

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    of the book, Homeschooling on a Shoestring.

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