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The dog days of summer are here! Check out the link to K-9 Kondo - These kits have a shade top that fits right on top of a barrel!...

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Due to the birth of our children and our recent move, we no longer have a yard full of dogs. We do, however, have one dog UP FOR STUD,, Scratch22's Homer Too. If you are interested in dogs bred or owned by Scratch22, we may be able to locate dogs out of this line. We believe the past creates the future and have selected the Mt Man's CH Homer ROM and Hammonds' Rufus ROM lines as our foundation, with some old Eli blood thrown in as well. We hope you enjoy your visit to Scratch22! If you have any questions about any of the dogs, please click the e-mail button at the bottom of the page.

If you are looking for a pet pit bull, there are THOUSANDS of them waiting for homes in rescues across the country! PLEASE follow the Pit Bull Rescue Central link on the left to look at some of the awesome pits looking for homes NEAR YOU!

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HAVE YOU SEEN ME Elsinor is now believed to be in or near the Gaithersburg, MD or Martinsburg, WV area. There is a reward for her safe return! HAVE YOU SEEN ME


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