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Updated Schedule of Events:Medieval and Ancient Warfare.

Ancient Warfare and Medieval Warfare Schedule of Games

HAVOC, and Historicon. Check out the rules discussion group for updates. Many events!

Cold Wars 2001: March 9-11, Lancaster, PA. AW (15mm & 25mm) as well as MW (25mm 'min' tournament).

Hotlead 2001: March 30-April 1, Stratford, Ontario. MW demo games.

Havoc 2001: April. AW demos. Fall In 2000: November 3-5, 2000. Gettysburg, PA. A 525 point MW tournament in both 15mm and 25mm scales and a 25mm only AW tournament will be held on Saurday. Three rounds of three and a half hours each. You must preregister with Terry to play.

VERY LIMITED SPACE!!! Preregister asap.

Demo games: The PEL will have listed three 'demo' games for four players each. Actually, each player will take a division in one of the tournament games (as 2iC) and learn the game under battle conditions. This was a huge success at Cold Wars, so we'll keep doing it.

RW: Dave Bonk will be doing a demo game of our new Renaissance Warfare rules in 25mm as well.

At Cold Wars and Historicon 2001, there will be MW and AW tournaments, in 25mm and in 15mm (if there is enough interest in this scale). Each army must be 525 points. Email me for the updates. There will be three rounds of three and a half hours each. TG


Historicon 99

The first ever MW tournament is history. Jeff Ball won the trophy and also the 1st prize of 20 packs of Foundry figures (thank you Bryan). 2nd prize was split 3 ways, so we awarded Tony and Silvio Marra as well as Perry Gray and Kevin Boylan 5 packs of Foundry figures each. Thanks to all 14 of you who played.

At Fall In we will be doing both 15mm and 25mm scales. Please email me with your army and intent to play as I have to let Scott Holder know how many tables we need. The tourney will run Saturday, three rounds. I'll have more info up on the web site as we get finalised.

The big news is that Jeff Ball has joined SAGA as a rules writer and will be coordinating, playtesting and pretty much writing the Renaissance Warfare rules booklet. Jeff has been a huge help to us in the past in promoting the MW rules set and his expertise and gaming knowledge are essential components in making these rules the best on the market.

Finally, we have some rules changes that were the result of the tournament games.

No rivers or streams may run through the center two sectors of the field. That's it for now. Terry

e-mail MorcarArmerclad Services 6/1/2000