The Foundry has hired a rules publisher to handle their upcoming titles, of which, Medieval Warfare is the first! We hope to have the rules published by late summer. In the interim, I am printing SAGA editions on demand for a flat fee of $25.00, postage paid to the US. Otherwise, it is $35.00 airmail to Europe. Updates are available on our rules discussion group under Files. Email me for particulars.

Due to the rapid expansion of The Foundry, the publishing projects have been put way back. As of 12/15/00, I've updated and printed copies of Medieval Warfare for sale. The new book has 112 pages and is spiral bound. All the army lists are included. To order, send $25.00 to T. Gore, 890 Janes Road, Rochester, NY 14612.


Medieval Warfare is completed! For updates, email me. All of the recent changes, including the addition of Warbands and inclusion of a new weapon class, 'Various' are available. The army lists are being refined, but should be completed by the end of next week.

<2/17/00>Please email me for all the latest changes in the rules. Both AW and MW have new supply rules, trained troop actions, signals and more. All are included in the latest printing of both rules sets, February 2000.


We are rapidly working toward completion of the Ancient Warfare rules. Many new ideas have been integrated including limited missile supplies and the Supply unit rule. Also new to AW is a new weapon class, mounted spear.


New Missile Supply Rule and optional Supply Unit rules are now available on the onelist! Please take a moment to review them, or email me and I will get them to you.

Latest news is the establishment of a onelist discussion group for AW and MW. This is a must for anyone interested and we have over fifty subscribers already. To join, email me at and I'll give you the link.

Also, we are finishing up the 25 or so army lists for AW. They will be available from me by this weekend. SAGA #72 has been mailed out 12/16/99. This is the last issue of the current subscription year. Please take a moment to resubscribe or sign up if not already a subscriber. Still $25.00 for 6 issues.

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MEDIEVAL WARFARE rules are nearing final edits with publication looming. You may still order direct from Terry on our SAGA Publications Page. For the lastest updates and revisions CLICK HERE and request MW Updates.

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