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Terry Gore has been a wargamer since the early 1960's. He started out playing the Avalon Hill boardgames, but moved on in 1963 to miniatures after seeing an ad for Jack Scruby's military miniatures and Table Top Talk, a very early wargaming magazine. When he went to college in 1965, Terry continued to play miniature wargames, enticing some of his dorm mates to join in the fun. Spending his summers in St. Louis, Terry became friends with Doug Johnson, the founder of Savage and Soldier. They played some very interesting games on Doug's sand table, using Donald Featherstone's rules.

Terry married in 1968, and his wife, Pat was introduced into miniature gaming. She never lost a game. Moving to Rochester, New York in 1969 to begin raising their family, Terry and Pat hosted many a house full of wargamers. Most of the gamers became their close friends. Throughout the 1970's and 1980's Terry played mostly WRG Ancients, though he also wargamed and painted armies for the ACW and Napoleonic wars.

After many years of playing in a number of rock bands and working for a large local music store, Terry decided to try his hand at putting out a wargaming newsletter with his band mate and fellow wargame friend, Dave Armer. They started SAGA in 1987 with an initial subscriber base of 15. SAGA is going strong after twelve years and is featured on MAGWEB, as well as having been reviewed in PC Gamer, The Courier, MWAN, Spearpoint and Slingshot.

Returning to college in 1987 to get his M.A., Terry proceeded to develop his Master's thesis into a book dealing with leadership and war in the early medieval period. Eight years of research and hard work culminated in the publication of Neglected Heroes in 1995 by Praeger Publishers. During this same period, Terry began to develop some ideas for a rules set which would be more tactical and hands-on than what he began seeing as the conventional norm. In 1997, he published Medieval Warfare. In 1998, along with Bruce Taylor, he published Ancient Warfare. Both of these rules sets interested Bryan Ansell of the Foundry; the result being that they will be published in late 1999 with full production credits by The Foundry.

Terry and Bruce are currently working on a Napoleonic rules set and plan on writing sets for the Seven Year's War, the later 19th century and the Renaissance period. Morcar is producing the SAGA rules support web site which will feature rules discussions and questions as well as covering additional optional rules, scenarios and army lists. They plan on being quite active in this hobby right through the first quarter of the coming millenium!

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