There is a way to post to newsgroups from e-mail. It's called a Mail2News gateway.

Mail2News allows all WebTV users to post forwarded mail, as well as enabling Plus owners to send audio clips and video captures in their posts.

How do you use Mail2News?

Simply prepare an e-mail the way you want it to appear in the newsgroup post. Then address that e-mail to:


The date should appear in the form "yearmonthdate". Example: Christmas 1998 would be rendered as 19981225.

"Group" should be replaced by the actual group name. Example: To post to alt.cows.moo.moo.moo, you would place alt.cows.moo.moo.moo after the date in the mail2news address.

Here's what the address would look like in a Christmas post to the cow group:


You may also crosspost to a second group by including its name in the address. Example: To send that Christmas post to alt.music.weird-al as well, address it as follows:

You may also protect your e-mail address from being "harvested" by spammers by replacing "mail2news" with "mail2news_NOSPAM" in the address. When the post comes up, your address will be replaced with the phrase "[Use Author-Address-Header@(127,1)]".

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