More On Images In WebTV E-Mail

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To use an image as a background for your WebTV e-mail, you would enter the following codes in your signature box:

<html> </plaintext><br><plaintext> <body background=""> </plaintext><br><plaintext> </body> </plaintext><br><plaintext> </html> </plaintext></center><p>substituting an actual location for the image.<br><hr>You may also change the color of the text which will appear in the e-mail by adding <i>text="white"</i> to the body tag:<p><center><plaintext><body background="" text="white"></plaintext></center><p>using any common color name you may choose.<br><hr><center><a href="/on/r2s/images.html">Back</a> to Images 1 &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp <a href="/on/r2s/webtvhtml.html"> Back</a> to WebTV E-Mail<br><hr></center></font><font size="1" color="#333333"> <p> <center><a href=""> questions? comments?</a><p><a href=" ?327021" target="top"><img src=" 9" width="75" height="25"></a><br><a href="" target="top" nocolor> LE Fastcounter </a></center> </font> </body> </html>