Putting Color In WebTV E-Mail

There are two different sources for color in your e-mail.

One is to choose a background color. When the code for a background color is placed in your signature file, it will cause the entire mail to default to that color. For instance:

<html> </plaintext><br> <plaintext> <body bgcolor="white"> </plaintext><br><plaintext> </body> </plaintext><br><plaintext> </html> </plaintext></center><p>will turn the e-mail color white. (Substitute any simple color name for similar results.)<br><hr>The other way to colorize your e-mail is to change the color of its text. These codes:<p><center><plaintext> <html> </plaintext><br><plaintext> <body text="black"> </plaintext><br><plaintext> </body> </plaintext><br><plaintext> </html> </plaintext></center><p>in your signature box will change the e-mail text color to black. (Again, you may choose any simple color name.)<br><hr>You may also choose to use both color attributes in the same statement:<p><center><plaintext> <html> </plaintext><br><plaintext> <body bgcolor="white" text="black"> </plaintext><br><plaintext> </body> </plaintext><br><plaintext> </html> </plaintext><p><a href="/on/r2s/webtvhtml.html"> Back</a> to WebTV E-Mail</center><p><hr></font><font size="1" color="#333333"> <p> <center><a href="mailto:roadtosurfdom@webtv.net"> questions? comments?</a><p><a href="http://member.linkexchange.com/cgi-bin/fc/fastcounter-login ?327021" target="top"><img src="http://fastcounter.linkexchange.com/fastcounter?327021+65404 9" width="75" height="25"></a><br><a href="http://www.fastcounter.co/f-join" target="top" nocolor><font size="1"> LE Fastcounter </a></center></font> </body> </html>