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Lindsay Greene's Pyrotechnics Website

Most of the construction is finished. However, some things are not as of yet started or completed. Sorry if this inconveniences you in any way.

Pyrotechnics is a fun and rewarding hobby. (I, personally, had tried several hobbies such as model building and model railroading before stumbling upon pyrotechnics as a teenager.) Unfortunately, along with the positive implications of making one's own pyrotechnics, there also comes a possibility of injuring one's self or others. These injuries, however, are usually limited in severity to 1st and 2nd degree burns once and a while, but when the safety precautions are not observed, these injuries tend to become more frequent and much more severe.

A Word on the Cookbooks: Things like the Jolly Roger Cookbook, The Big Book of Mischief, etc., are not only stupid resources, but are resources that contain dangerous procedures for producing dangerous things. From what I have read, some articles recommend mixing potassium chlorate, sulphur (!!), and charcoal to produce what the author calls, "Chlorate black powder". This is dangerous due to certain chemical incompatabilities of chlorates with certain substances, in this case sulphur. I also remember one other article which recommends mixing sodium chlorate with red phosphorus (!!!). This would produce a much more sensitive version of Armstrong's Mix than is used commercially, but the article actually says that it is less sensitive and safer than the commercial stuff! As you can see, the cookbooks are filled with dangerous garbage and should not be trusted. To get a better idea of the way these "recipes" are written and how many errors they contain, check out one of my various "recipe-debunking"s.


  • Fountains are excellent projects for beginners.
  • Salutes are fun devices which are quite simple and easy to create.
  • The chemistry behind pyro is very interesting. Learn the basics.
  • Fireworks are only as good as the fuse that ignites them. Learn how to make black match and quick match, e-matches, and Visco.
  • Making Aerial Shells: a pictorial step-by-step guide to making your own aerial shells. Also included is a guide to making aerial naphthalene salutes.
  • The Cherry Bomb Video: an excellent demonstration of the power these devices possess. This was sent to me by one of my e-mail acquaintances. This is a Quicktime video, which has been compressed with WinZip.
  • The Homemade Salute Video: another excellent video sent to me by one of my email acquaintances. This is a Quicktime video, which has been compressed with WinZip.
  • Movie Pyrotechnics & Special Effects

  • Naphthalene charges are fun projects, which produce a wonderful effect, but do not take that much experience to make.
  • Bullet-hit squibs are used in movie and stage pyrotechnics to produce the effect of a bullet impact on surfaces and the actors themselves. They can easily be made, having only a few minor differences from normal salutes.
  • A full-fledged movie effects scene is an excellent project for one to put together, provided one has experience with the nessesary effects (nap bombs, bullet hit squibs, etc.). Learn how to set up one that'll amaze any onlookers.
  • Links:

    Here are some links to other pyrotechnics-related webpages. If you find that any of the links are broken, or if you'd like your page added as a link, please email me, and I'll get right on it.

  • Tom Perigrin has an excellent web page.
  • Andy Krywonizka also has a great web page, noted for the PFP database.
  • Tom Dimock has an excellent links page.
  • Wouter Visser has an excellent pyro page in two languages: english and dutch.
  • Dan Williams has a fabulous page about making pyrotechnic toolings and all other sorts of great stuff.
  • Eric Spinella has a good page about high explosives and pyrotechnics.
  • Andrew Woodard, a bright young pyro, also has a great pyro page.
  • The Desert Blast Formulas & Techniques Page contains step-by-step pictorial instructions for creating your own fireworks. Like the other pages linked to from here, it is recommended reading.
  • Pyrotechnics UK is a page designed by two pyros, Edd Stewart and Dave Brainwood.
  • American Fireworks News is an excellent publisher/supplier of pyro literature, also publishing a monthly fireworks newsletter.
  • Skylighter Inc. is an excellent supplier of pyrotechnic chemicals and supplies.
  • Jack Diamond, aka "Megalomania," has a simply mindblowingly comprehensive page about the synthesis of just about any high explosive you could dream of, plus a bunch of other great "unpopular information."
  • Florian Reckelkamm, aka "The Dark Templar," has a pyro page which is under construction at the moment, but will hopefully be finished soon.
  • Contact Me:

    If you have any comments, or questions about anything related to pyrotechnics, the fuse book, or this page, you can reach me several ways. I am a regular poster on the newsgroups rec.pyrotechnics and alt.engr.explosives, so contacting me there would be easy (I read the groups about 10 times per day). Or you could E-mail me. Whatever works for you.

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