The Rediscovery of History

                                   Edited by

                                 H. B. Paksoy


                                 M. E. Sharpe

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                               Armonk, NY 10504

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     H. B. Paksoy      


 I. Rediscovery of History

      Ayaz Malikov

The Question of the Turk: The Way Out of the Crisis

      Muhammad Ali

Let Us Learn Our Heritage: Get to Know Yourself

      Zeki Velidi Togan

The Origins of the Kazaks and the Ozbeks

 II. Rediscovery of Cultural Monuments

       Naim Karimov 

Exposing the Murderer of Alpamysh

       Memmed Dadashzade

Ethnographic Information Concerning Azerbaijan

       Contained in the Dede Korkut Dastan


       Kahar Barat

Discovery of History: The Burial Site of Kashgarli Mahmud

       Bahtiyar Nazarov

Kutadgu Bilig: One of the First Written Monuments of the

     Aesthetic Thought of the Turkic People 



Deceivers: Observations Pursuant to Judicial Proceedings


 III. Rediscovery of Political History


        Yusuf Akchura

Three Types of Policies

The Program of the Turkic Federalist Party in Turkistan (1917)

         H.B. Paksoy 

Excerpts from the Memoirs of Zeki Velidi Togan

         Sheik-ul-Islam al-Haj Allahshªkªr Pashazade 

Address to the Fourth International Conference on Central Asia


 IV. Rediscovery of Political Identity


Alma-Ata, December 1986

Ethnic Conflict in Central Asia, Summer 1989

          Mustafa Jemilev 

The Crimean Tatars' Thorny Path to Their Homeland 

The Nevada-Semipalatinsk Antinuclear Movement in Kazakhstan


Events in Baku, January 1990

``The Unifying Line Must Be the National Liberation Idea''

   An Interview with Etibar Memmedov, Rehim Gaziyev, and Nemet



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