Learn to live joyfully in this other place, OtherWise. A place of Both-And. In-Between. A world of paradox and contradiction, where identity is often fluid and definitions are sometimes hard to come by. Where things are not always what they seem.

This place is both spirit and flesh. Both male and female. Where reality, logic, structure, rigidity meet and relate to fantasy, mysticism, magic, fluidity. It is the boundary line between two places. A crossroads and place of transition. Where things (too often) thought of seperate, are integrated and made whole.

It is a place which (so we are told) does not exist at all. A place which is said to be improbable and indeed impossible. Yet, in fact, it does exist. Only hidden from the authorities who have disallowed it -- for it explodes their definitions of reality and invites us all to be transformed.

Beyond dualistic, binary perception, there is OtherWise...


Welcome to the Land of OtherWise...


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