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HI my name is Reg and I am from Ontario Canada. These four wheel ATVs, model FL350, were made by Honda in 1985 only. Therefore, this is why so many people have never seen one. Honda produced these ATVs for one year only because of the poor sales results. My brother and I have been fortunate to be able to find and completely restore these two Odysseys. The red one has the original colours but don't be fooled by them, this Odyssey had a heart transplante from a 600cc YAMAHA RADIAN street bike. Now this baby has six gears and goes up to 90MPH. The yellow one is mine. I decided to keep the original engine since it was running great, but I went with different colours.We both lately sold our odyssey`s since we wanted to do some different kind of ridding. We found that the odyssey was not really the ATV to do some high sand hill climbing since they are kind of heavy. We now have each a 350CC twin two stroke Banshee, my brother as a 1999 with a T5 pipe and a booster bottle. I bought a 2001 banshee whith FMF and a boost bottle. They are a different kind of fun, we enjoy them to the fullest. COMMING SOON A LINK TO THE YAMAHA BANSHEE PAGE

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