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1.An artist,not an artist,anybody can be a member of the Lodge.
2.All members of the Lodge are secret,they change their names, but also as not- Lodge members they can make their
individual art and use them original names.
3.The member of the Lodge is one:
1)who becomes anonymous,
2)who renounces art whether at all or partly,who destroys art heritage.
4.To become a member of the Lodge one has to take part in the inauguration ceremony.
One gets a new name and title with salutation.

The requirements for the Lodge members are: clean art from art, to assist artists to escape from art, to render psychological assistance, to help change
the profession,because art professions are dangerous and leading to : alcoholism, divorce ,illness (psychical,
physical),narcotism,homosexuality, pollution of surroundings and etc.; participate in inauguration performances, of which there are two main parts:DECODATION (psychological assistance)
and DESTRUCTION of art pieces.

The requirements for members of EMPTY BOTTLE ORCHESTRA (the orchestra of the Lodge):

The orchestra members must be unprofessional musically, here are favoured members without an ear for music and without


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