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SOFT & SHINY Organic, Clear & Baby Shampoo

Soft & Shiny hair care line now includes Baby and Clear shampoos formulated to meet the growing demand for specialized and innovative hair & scalp cleansing and beauty products.

Soft & Shiny Organic Conditioning Shampoo

IKORPE Chemicals Ltd. owns exclusive rights to "Soft and Shiny" and "Soft & Shiny" registered trademarks in Canada and USA.

Interestingly, several companies including two large consumer hair care manufacturers also use "Soft & Shiny" label to name their hair care products "Soft & Shiny". For example, Johnson & Johnson Companies invested in marketing Johnson's Baby Soft & Shiny Shampoo and UNILEVER makes and markets CLEAR Soft & Shiny Shampoo in Indonesia and Indo-China. Marketing and sale of products labelled Soft & Shiny in USA and Canada would be an infringement on IKORPE's registered trademark.


The worldwide promotion of "Soft & Shiny" name presents an opportunity not only for the owner, IKORPE Chemicals Ltd. but also for any company interested in selling their hair care products as Soft & Shiny in Canada and USA by acquiring the tradename from IKORPE Chemicals.

IKORPE Chemicals Ltd hereby offers "Soft & Shiny" Trademark(TM) to a recognized cosmetics manufacturing company which would benefit from the investment and promotion of "Soft & Shiny" brand not just by the inventor & owner IKORPE Chemicals Ltd, but also by the above mentioned companies who liked Soft & Shiny trademark and have been producing, marketing and labeling their own hair care products Soft & Shiny outside Canada and USA.

Interested companies are invited to contact IKORPE Chemicals Ltd. and inquire how they can acquire "Soft & Shiny" registered TM brand to expand their business using Soft & Shiny on their labels in Canada and USA.

The offer by the way of licensing, or acquisition is made to give 'Soft & Shiny' brand the deserved exposure and to give the new Soft & Shiny TM owner the opportunity to access and secure lucrative North American hair care market with an excellent trademark by expending the market for the Soft & Shiny labelled hair care products which they may have had already invested in, while manufacturing and distributing products labeled Soft & Shiny outside Canada and USA not to infringe on Ikorpe's trade mark rights.

If interested in acquiring "Soft & Shiny" reg. trademark please send your letter of interest to IKORPE Chemicals Ltd.:# 1015 1200 The Esplanade Rd N, Pickering, Ontario, Canada, L1V 6V3. All offers above $ 100,000 shall be considered and responded to. IKORPE's offer to sell Soft & Shiny trademark to interested institutions is immediate & valid as long as this page offer is presented on this www. page