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Kosmeticology Institute/ Cosmeticology Institute

has products & expertize to help you.

The only company with the rights to market SOFT & SHINY hair care Trademark in Canada and USA !

TM Infringement is a punishable offence - be warned !

Kosmeticology Institute has been serving the public for over four decades. Incorporated under the name Ikorpe Chemicals Ltd., the company has helped thousands of clients in their Hair-Loss Research Institute division, and has become a choice supplier to leading North American hair-loss establishments.

Kosmeticology Institute has participated in several clinical studies to determine the effectiveness of several hair and skin care products.

IKORPE's division ep-cosmetics designs and manufactures effective, high quality herbal hair and skin care remedies for Kosmeticology Institute from fine, pure and natural botanical ingredients. Our Trade Marks, and brands "IKORPENE", "Soft & Shiny", "Soft and Shiny" and "Happy Hair" enjoy World wide acceptance and recognition.

Some companies, including large and well known international consumer produts giants, have tried, and even today inadvertantly may be infringing by marketing their hair care products using in their labels our trade mark/intellectual property "Soft & Shiny", some doing it secretly, others quite openly, while others in developing countries where our Marks are not registered.

Since copying is a form of compliment, we are proud of being recognized and worthy of being copied by these multinational consumer leaders ; however, we must show due diligence and protect our Marks, and also our customers from being mislead and have an obligation to defend our marketplace in Canada and USA.

We wish to inform companies who find our inventions irresistable, desirable and /or worthy copying that IKORPE's doors are open to cooperation, collaboration, sharing, licensing of, even a sale of our intellectual property and/or the rights to our trade mark(s). We ask our giant business "friends" to be fair, not to take away the ideas and rights from the small and less known without an agreement

Because of the great demand for botanical products, our botanical hair & skin care product lines have been extended to include a variety of effective herbal remedies. We offer a selection of over 50 specialized skin care products to deal with the most concerns.

Kosmeticology Institute works with aestheticians, health care professionals, holistic doctors and also make-up artists to help them meet the very specific hair & skin care needs of their clients.

Our Research & Development, Regulatory, Quality Control, Manufacturing and Customer Service work together towards our mission of inspiring and enabling people to improve their lives by discovering the benefits and natural healing powers of cosmetics containing botanicals and herbal remedies.

Kosmeticology Institute offers advice, special products and a business opportunity on the Internet. Take advantage and tell your friends to visit our site so that we can help improve quality of their lives by bringing the healing power of botanicals to their homes too.

We look forward to providing excellent products and assisting you with your very own personal hair & skin, beauty concerns.

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