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PRODUCTS AND ( 2014 year ) PRICES ( in CAD $ ):

HAIR CARE - (Trade & Wholesale Prices)

Soft & Shiny Keratin Hair Cream - a potent moisturizer and a detangling remedy which protects dry, over processed hair :$3.80/50 ml/12 units

Soft & Shiny Hair Styling Gel - intensive hair gel, medium and hard-hold, dries fast, leaving hair shiny, not sticky.$ 70/4 liters: $ 3.95/100 ml/12 units

Soft & Shiny Herbal Hair Spray - glossy, flexible, not sticky: $ 67.00/ 4 liters/ box of 4 units

Soft & Shiny Moisturizing Hair Treatment - a deep moisturizing cortex treatment based on Castor oil, vitamins and botanics $ 45.00/ 1000 ml; $3.95/ 50 ml/12units ; $ 5.20/100 ml/12 units

Hair Food - nourishing moisturizer with Castor oil, vitamin A and botanical/herbal remedies $ 5.50 / 100 ml / 12 units

Assortment of shampoos (scented or unscented ) $ 23.80/ 4 liters/4 units

Treatment Shampoos:

Stinging Nettle (brown/green) $33.50/4 liters/ 4 units

Allin ( Garlic )$37.50/ 4 liters/ 4 units (yellow/green)

. Chamomile (yellow) $ 33.5/4 liters/ 4 units

Yarrow (green) $ 46.50/4 liters/ 4 units

Rosemary (red/green) $37.00/ 4 liters/ 4 units

Eucalyptus (green/blue) $ 36.00/4 liters/ 4 units

Tar (yellow) $37.00ters/4 units

Salicylic (green)$36.00/ 4 liters/4 units

Low pH Shampoo $32.90 /4 liters/ 4 units

Baby Soft & Shiny Organic Conditioning Shampoo $ 42.8/ 4 liters/ 4 units; 8 oz. 3.95 /12 units

Soft & Shiny Organic Conditioning Shampoo - Normal(N),Oily(O)&Dry(D) hair $ 4.25 / 8oz / 12 units

Opaque ( Pearly ) Soft & Shiny Shampoo for N,O,D hair $ 3.50/4 oz /12 units

Clear Soft & Shiny Shampoo ( orange )- a clarifying shampoo $ 4.29 /8 oz / 12 units

Happy Hair - Professional Concentrated Shampoo $45.00 / 4 liters / 4 units; 8 oz. 4.95/12 units

Pre-Shampoo Cleansers

IKORPENE Follicular Cleanser $ 35.10/ 4 liters/ 4 units; $4.25/8 oz/12 units

Soft & Shiny Pre-Shampoo Herbal Cleanser $ 38.00/4 liters/4 units; $ 4.45/8 oz/12 units

Hair Conditioners

Soft & Shiny, FFC-21 leave on - botanical Triceptic conditioner $40.50/ 4 liter/ 4 units; $ 4.50/8 oz./12 units

Emulsion Conditioning and Softening rinse $ 35.50 / 4 liters / 4 units

Egg Yoke Emulsion - conditioning rinse $ 33.50/ 4 liters / 4 units


Blue Scalp Toner $ 40.50 / 4 liters/ 4 units ( Herbal extracts )

Yellow Scalp Toner $ 30.50/ 4 liters/ 4 units ( Botanicals )

Hair and Scalp Treatments

Priced from $ 0.35 -$ 2.50 / 8 ml treatment Minimum order is 125 treatments (1000 ml ) per treatment formula. Suggested Retail $ 8.50 - $ 21.00 as 'home applications', or $ 15-35 / as a 'in-house 'clinic treatment',

SKIN CARE PRODUCTS ( Wholesale & Retail Prices )

"After several applications you will feel the difference, just a few weeks later everyone will notice it "


Eye Care

Wrinkle Defense Cream - with chamomile, vitamin E and Retinol is a rich emulsion containing calming herbal extracts that together with chamomile essential oils penetrate and soothe mature skin. Sagging and wrinkled skin is re-hydrated, moisturized and repaired while superior UV light absorbers provide the necessary protection from the suns damaging rays.

Wholesale Price: $ 6.85 / 15 ml /12 units; $ 9.89 / 30 ml/12 units

Suggested retail: $ 15.65 / 15 ml ; $ 23.88 / 30 ml

Soothing Eye Cream - wrinkle smoothing cream for delicate skin around the eyes reduces the early signs of aging and is an excellent moisturizer for all skin types. It contains alpha-hydroxy, lactic acid a vitamin E - the most essential ingredients in rejuvenating aging or damaged skin. Fragrance free, this gentle cream can be applied at any time, day or night. Used by both men and women with superior results .

Wholesale Price: $ 7.79 / 15 ml. / 12 units

Suggested retail: $ 15.99

Smoothing Eye Cream - smooths delicate and tired skin around your eyes and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Helps to reduce puffiness around the eyes. Antioxidants counter-act damaging effect of free radicals thus promoting the cells self-repair. Refined minerals help smooth lines and protect skin from the environmental damage. Naturally light and silky, this gentle moisturizer contains fast absorbing and deep penetrating pure natural avocado, safflower, sunflower and carrot oils. Retinol, Pro-vitamin B and vitamin E help to firm and repair skin and prevent further skin damage. Minerals, plant extracts and chamomile soothe and firm while protecting the delicate eye area.

Wholesale Price: $ 9.79 / 15 ml./ 12 units

Suggested retail: $ 18.99

Face Care

Soothing Day Cream - a gentle moisturizer for the face and throat soothes the skin. Potent moisturizers and lubricants provide moisture and elasticity. Antioxidants and SPF (sun protection factor) protect the skin from the environmental effects.

Wholesale Price: $ 4.97 / 30 ml/ 12 units.

Suggested Retail: $ 9.33

Soothing Day Cream - a gentle 'jarmila' moisturizer for the face and throat soothes the skin. Potent moisturizers and lubricants provide moisture and elasticity. Antioxidants and SPF (sun protection factor) protect the skin from the environmental effects.

Wholesale Price : $ 6.80/50 ml/12 units Suggested Retail: $14.99/ 50 ml

Firming and Refining Mask - peel-off facial mask with essential oils

Wholesale Price: $ 5.99 / 113 g/ 6 units Suggested Retail : $ 18.00

Refining and Cleansing Clay Mask - detoxifying, exfoliating mask with alpha and beta hydroxy acids, and botanicals .

Wholesale $7.90 / 4oz/ 6 units

Hand Creams

Revitalizing Hand Cream - an effective deep moisturizing and anti wrinkle hand cream helps reduce signs of unsightly brown age spots that appear on the back of the mature hand, makes hands appear more youthful and enhances the supple and smooth skin tone while improving skin texture.

Wholesale price: $ 4.50 / 50 ml./12 units;

Suggested retail: $ 8.67 / 50 ml.

Revitalizing Hand Cream- 'jarmila' cream with cucumber juice, vitamins and minerals.

Wholesale price: $ 4.50 / 50 ml./12 units;

Retail : $ 9.00 / 50 ml.

Cucumber Hand Cream - vitalizing moisture day cream is a moisturizing and protective cream containing pure cucumber juice and vitamin E. The emollient rich cream provides necessary sun protection, natural oils and soothing pure cucumber juice help reduce tissue swelling and soothe, cool and smooth your skin. Vitamins and anti-oxidants counteract harmful effect of the free radicals and prevent further skin damage. Superior UV absorbers protect skin from the harm caused by increased intensity of ultraviolet radiation - result of ozone depletion.

Wholesale price: $ 4.90/ 100 ml/12 units

Suggested Retail: $ 8.98 / 100 ml

Almond Safflower Balm - a nutritive cream for dry skin is a natural, very rich, fast absorbing and penetrating cream which nourishes your skin. Natural safflower oil lubricates dry skin on the outside while pure sweet almond oil and botanical extracts quickly absorb to nourish and soothe the dry or damaged skin cells under the surface. Ideal for dry skin.

Wholesale price: $ 4.00 / 30 ml. Suggested retail: $ 8.58

Face and Body Care

Sunflower Cream - is a natural deep penetrating moisturizer with vitamin E which effectively lubricates and smoothes dry and mature skin. Derived from pure sunflower and castor bean plants it is suited for normal and dry skin or whenever additional skin lubrication is required. High level of vitamin E nourishes and protects skin from the harmful effect of the free radicals formed in the tissues as a result of the environmental pollution and metabolism. It is proven that free radicals contribute to premature aging .

Wholesale price: $ 2.70 / 30 ml/2 units; $ 3.90 / 50 ml/12 units

Suggested retail: $ 5.50 / 30 ml; $ 8.90 / 50 ml

Almond Skin Cream - vital moisture day cream contains pure almond oil that smoothes the skin and provides deep penetrating hydration for dry skin. Purified lanolin holds moisture and hydrates damaged skin cells. providing natural protection from dehydration. Cucumber juice soothes sensitive skin and reduces tissue swelling Superior anti-oxidants and ultraviolet light absorbers protect your skin from the damaging environmental effects.

Wholesale price: $ 3.25 / 30 ml/12 units; $ 4.60 / 50 ml/12 units

Suggested retail: $ 6.89 / 30 ml; $ 9.68 / 50 ml

Cucumber Body Cream - vitalizing moisture day cream is a very effective all purpose soothing moisturizing protective cream with vitamin E and SPF. The emollient rich, Cucumber Body Cream contains natural lubricants, and a high concentration of a pure cucumber juice. Together with botanical extracts they help reduce tissue swelling, soothe, cool and smooth your skin. Vitamins and anti-oxidants counteract harmful effect of the free radicals and prevent further skin damage. Superior UV absorbers protect skin from the harm caused by increased intensity of ultraviolet radiation - result of ozone depletion.

Wholesale price: $ 2.85 / 30 ml/12 units; $ 3.99 / 50 ml/12 units

Suggested Retail: $ 5.99 / 30 ml; $ 7.98 / 50 ml

Replenishing Cream - moisturizer for dry skin

Wholesale Price: $ 6.50/50 ml/12 units; Suggested Retail: $ 15.00 / 50 ml; $ 24.00 / 100 ml

Contour Body Lotion ( Mimosa or Eucalyptus or Almond

The herbal lotion is based on sunflower seed oil and almond oil with herbal extracts.

Wholesale Price: $4.70/ 250 ml ( 8 oz)/ 12 units; Suggested Retail: $ 9.00


Night care products often utilize fruit hydroxy acids which are essential to apparent reversing of the aging process. In addition to sloughing away dead skin cells from the skin surface the combination of alpha and beta hydroxy acids have a synergistic effect that markedly increases the benefit if either the alpha hydroxy acid or the beta hydroxy acid was applied separately

Skin Oasis - smoothing alpha and beta hydroxy acid revealing cream contains a unique alpha-hydroxy and salicylic acid complex. Age, stress, sun and environmental pollution combine to influence the health and appearance of your skin. As we age, the cell renewal rate is diminished.. The skin loses it?s youthful glow and becomes dull and dry, resulting in gradually increasing lines that form around the eyes and lips.

The complex exposes the healthy, brighter skin beneath the surface, revealing a smoother and more youthful and even-toned appearance. The removal of the dead skin cells facilitates more thorough moisturizing which increases hydration - and is instrumental towards maintaining a younger-looking skin.

Wholesale price: $ 7.50 / 15 ml/12 units: Suggested Retail: $ 18.50

Hydra Gel - is an all purpose soothing moisturizer for all skin types, designed to soothe, hydrate and balance skin after a long exposure to external elements such as pollution, smoke, and stress. A special blend of botanical extracts helps re-establish skins' balance. Natural ingredients and emollients similar in composition to the skin?s natural sebum protect and impart smoothness to your skin.

Wholesale price : $ 3.90 / 50 ml /12 units : Suggested Retail: $ 10.85

Nutritive Cream - ideal for dry or devitalized, sensitive and for mature skin. While the fruit acids clarify and gently encourage the formation of younger skin cells , the deep penetrating botanical extracts gently vitalize the skin. Natural emollients smooth and make skin feel smooth and supple. Active botanicals , and phospholipids provide nutrition, moisture, protection and smooth the skin for younger looking look.

Wholesale price : $ 3.10 / 30 ml/ 12 units: Suggested Retail: $ 5.99

Nutritive Almond Cream - a rich, moisturizing cream for a dry skin. A high content of sweet almond oil, combined with vitamin E, lubricate, feed and protect mature skin.

Wholesale Price: $ 5.90 / 50 ml./ 12 units; Suggested Retail: 12.50


Eye Care

Essential Eye Care - an oil-free, wrinkle smoothing , hydrating and firming gel-cream which forms a light protective layer on the skin around the eyes thus sealing in botanical extracts and essential oils to soothe, while vitalizing and firming stressed and tired skin.

Wholesale Price: $ 9.25 / 30 ml./ 12 units

Suggested retail: $ 17.89

Face Care

Chamomile Night Cream - a rich cream for face and throat is an effective fast absorbing and soothing moisture delivery system which nourishes the skin and smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles. Chamomile essential oils soothe and calm while gentle emollients and vitamin E repair and nourish the skin cells and help reverse the harmful effect caused by sun, pollution, stress and aging. Chamomile Night Cream restores the youthful glow to formerly dry and dull skin.

Wholesale price: $ 3.80 / 30 ml./12 units: Suggested Retail: $ 8.99

Night Emulsion Moisture Cream -vitamin E rich cream contains calming herbal extracts that together with lavender and chamomile essential oils penetrate deep to soothe mature skin. Sagging and wrinkled skin is re-hydrated, moisturized and repaired. Jarmila formula.

Wholesale: $ 8.50 / 50 ml./12 units; Suggested Retail: $ 25.00 / 50 ml.

Replenishing Cream -specialty concentrate for dry skin with lanolin.

Experience the new skin-moisture technology used in a traditional moisturizing cream. Revive dry, tired or mature skin with this superior moisturizer and lubricant. Suited for dry and mature skin.

Wholesale price: $ 3.50 / 30 ml/12 units: Suggested Retail: $ 7.99


These elegant oil-free topical gels and creams, are unique and special. They combine the quiet traditional Chinese herbal philosophy of the ancient Ming Dynasty with the exciting breakthroughs in modern cosmetology.

Highly emollient and light on application these herbal products can provide lasting benefit of well-known botanicals. Suitable for all skin types. Individuals with known allergic responses to specific plants or herbal extracts should as a precaution test their skin for sensitivity and allergy by applying the cream to a small skin area. If irritation is noted the particular product may not be suitable, and the use should be discontinued.

Linden Cream - herbal remedy cream - anti-asthmatic, calming, soothing property

Lavender Cream - herbal remedy cream - strengthens the nervous system, relieves stress .Soothing.

Rosemary Cream - herbal remedy cream - for headaches, stimulates muscles, analgesic. Purifying.

St. John?s Wort Cream - herbal remedy cream - against depression, anxiety and insomnia. Healing.

.Yarrow Cream - herbal remedy cream - toning, healing, soothing.

Allantoin Cream - herbal remedy cream - promotes cellular renewal and is soothing .

Aloe Vera Cream - herbal remedy - probably the most effective cellular renewal property of Aloe Vera with the remarkable healing ability due to natural oxygenating property - ability to draw and hold oxygen to the skin. Calming & soothing.

Eucalyptus Cream - herbal remedy cream is soothing, cooling with healing properties.

Tea Tree Soothing Gel - herbal remedy cream - healing, stimulating and antiseptic property. Firming.

Wholesale price $ 4.50 / 30 ml./12 units, or $ 5.75 / 50 ml./12 units

Suggested Retail: $ 9.89 / 30 ml, $ 12.78 / 50 ml


Eroma Acne Gel - is designed to reduce and correct problems associated with oily and acne prone or blemished skin. Eroma Acne Gel helps emulsify excessive sebum and skin oils thus reducing the chances of acne formation. Beta hydroxy acid gently exfoliates dead skin cells, thus freeing and clearing the pores . Gentle astringent action of pure cucumber juice cools and soothes sensitive skin, helping to reduce tissue swelling and irritation . Minerals and clays absorb and help control overproduction of sebum, cucumber juice calms the skin, and allows the natural skin renewal process. Eroma Acne refreshes and feels cool on the skin.

Wholesale Price: $ 3.55 / 30 ml/12 units

Suggested Retail: $ 5.99

Asia?s Secret - a light foundation cream containing superior sun protection and UV absorbers, design to cover skin imperfections. Ideal as a foundation base for make-up.

Wholesale Price: $ 4.99.00 / 30 ml/12 units; Suggested Retail $ 9.97

Collagen / Elastin Cream

Wholesale: $ 3.99/50 ml./12 units; Suggested Retail $ 7.99


Happy Feet - Cooling Foot Cream

Cooling and refreshing mentholated almond vanishing cream.

Wholesale Price: $ 3.59/ 50 ml/12 units; Suggested Retail: $ 7.99

Happy Feet - Capsaicin Cream

Improves blood circulation at the point of contact. Caution: This fast absorbing almond oil based vanishing cream contains capsaicin, and oil of wintergreen, avoid contact with eyes, and keep this highly effective product out of children reach

Wholesale Price: $ 3.79/ 50 ml/ 12 units; Suggested Retail Price: $ 6.59

Happy Legs- Mentholated Sweet Almond Lotion.

Wholesale Price: 3.35 / 115 ml ( 4 oz.) / 12 units; Suggested Retail : $ 6.97

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