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FAQ: How Do I Benefit from Botanicals used in EP products ?

Royal Chinese Pharmacopia of the Imperial hospital, and the great library of the Ming Dynasty credit cosmetic formulae for nourishing the body in order to balance energy where needed. The ancient herbalists understood the need for ensuring a balance for optimum health and appearance.


EP hair and skin care products are unique, designed to establish the optimum energy balance, and the maximum balance between you and the outside world.

EP products are hand-made from the finest botanical, and natural cosmetic ingredients, with no animal testing done.

EP carefully combines the quiet wisdom of the ancients with the exciting advancements in modern hair and skin care to provide you with products to help you achieve the results you have always wanted.

Benefits of EP Skin Care System:

EP Skin Care System helps you establish a balance between your skin and the outside world while it cleanses, contours, clarifies, corrects, firms, moisturizes, nourishes, protects, revitalizes, rejuvenates, soothes, smoothes and tones your skin.

Balances: helps establish the optimum pH, moisture, surface tension, elasticity, and energy balance while protecting the skin from the harmful environmental effects.

Cleanses: emulsifies skin oils and evenly removes dead skin cells while gently removing traces of makeup without irritation.

Contours: botanical extracts and invisible film formers firm and shape mature skin.

Clarifies: alpha and beta hydroxy acids expose younger skin by exfoliating damaged skin cells.

Corrects: smoothes out the appearance of fine lines and helps restore firmness and elasticity.

Firms: while natural essential oils help relieve stress, the active ingredients and botanicals firm sagging and maturing skin reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Moisturizes: provides long lasting hydration to skin, keeping skin moist from the inside out. Botanical extracts soothe and facilitate absorption and penetration leaving the skin smooth and soft.

Nourishes: rich emollients and natural phospholipids smooth and refine skin while nourishing and replenishing moisture.

Protects: anti-oxidants fight and render free radicals harmless thus protecting and preventing skin damage from the harmful effects of environmental pollution. Superior UV absorber and fine moisturizers prevent harm caused by the damaging sun rays and the atmospheric changes, temperature and humidity.

Revitalizes: herbal extracts, essential oils, minerals and vitamins help to stimulate the cells respiration, leaving the skin feeling fresh, more radiant and younger looking.

Rejuvenates: alpha and beta hydroxy acids gently exfoliate dead skin cells revealing smoother and younger skin layers below.

Smoothes: Fine emollients, minerals and botanicals smooth out the damaged skin, fine lines and wrinkles while improving texture.

Soothes: pure botanical extracts exert their healing and calming properties to soothe sensitive, irritated, dry or sun damaged skin.

Tones: a combination of gentle herbal extracts and special surface active ingredients help tone, tighten and refresh sagging and tired skin.