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Kosmeticology Institute /

Cosmeticology Institute

excels in products innovation and custom manufacturing

About The Company - the owners of SOFT & SHINY trademark
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Excessive Hair-Loss / IKORPENE Treatments
Soft & Shiny System 123 - Hair Loss Products - NEW !
Soft & Shiny Hair Care Products
Hair & Skin Care - Product Information & Price List
Baby Soft & Shiny Shampoo & IKORPES plan for Soft & Shiny Trademark
Benefit of Botanicals in Cosmetics
Caring for Feet - Products
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Kosmeticology (Cosmeticology ) Institute helps estheticians, and doctors remedy client's hair & skin care problems using quality, custom manufactured herbal cosmetics. Kosmeticology ( Cosmeticology ) Institute excels in custom manufacturing Interested in Private and/or Custom Label ?

Why not make your purchase a very unique experience !

For example: if you place an order, we can customize the product label for you by displaying your custom 'product name', even a 'message' of your choice, and include a statement: manufactured for 'your name', or, 'your business name'.

The cost of such 'private label' will vary according to label complexity and also the number of units ordered. We reserve the right to limit length, edit and refuse some messages because the label must be in compliance with the 'label law & regulations'. A great way to recognize special people, or start own business !

Custom label makes an unique gift for Christmas, Valentine's Day, or other very special occasion...for friends, employees and family members, the possibilities are endless.

For more information write to us at:

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