Naughty or Nice?

    Nice . . .
  • This fine fellow has tea with his grandmother, the Queen, every Sunday.
  • It was his idea that Princess Diana aution her clothes off for charity.
  • He and Harry, helped organised a surprise for Prince Charles' 50th birthday bash.
  • He sort of put up with thousands of screaming girls everywhere he goes.
  • On his 16th birthday, he released a written interview.
  • He's been known as one of the most academicaly successful royals. He gets mostly A's and B's.
  • He was voted Britain's handsomest Royal.
  • He blushes with a beatiful shade of rose.
  • He's one of the top 100 swimmers in England. (1998?)
  • Was Barbara Walters' Most Interesting Person of 1997
  • Was named one of Teen People's 21 Hottest Stars under 21.
  • Was named one of People's Most Beautiful People of 1998.
  • He recently, April 15, 1999 became a godfather to a Greek baby boy.
  • He's so shy! In public he's always staring at his shoes or fidgeting with his tie. And don't forget that incredible blush.
  • He shows a great sense of maturity and responsibilty when he was the only Royal that showed up at the Christening of his god-child. He made it to the Christening with his left arm in a sling after recent surgery.

"When I'm good, I'm good. When I'm bad, I'm even better!"

    Naughty . . .
  • It is commonly known that as a child, William likes to flush things down the toillet, i.e....Prince Charles shoes, his classmates' lunches, and etcetera.
  • As a child he also learned to stick his tounge out every time a camera snapped a picture of him.
  • On a visit to Prince Andrew's house, William and Harry Locked themselves in a terrorist-proof dungeon.The police had to be called, and the Princes were freed with a special key.
  • At the wedding of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, William made faces at those who gave the Queen flowers, got into a small fight, and stuck his tounge out at the guests.
  • William shot his first stag (a deer?) when he was 14. He was walking near the Balmoral at the time.
  • At grade school was spotted saying "When I'm king, I'll send my knights around to kill you!"
  • He once caused a security scare when he went right through the infrared security system.
  • In April 1999, rumours been going around that he's been smoking.
  • A few of his aquantainces have been arrested in connection with drug use.
  • He's roported to occasionally drink and endures hangovers with his school chums.

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