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JUNE 18, 2003

Palace dnies report that Prince William has girlfriend

LONDON (AFP) - Prince William is "just good friends," with the daughter of a wealthy Kenyan conservationist -- whom the press has described as his first proper girlfriend -- St James's Palace insisted.

"St James's Palace denies that there is or ever has been any romantic liaison between Prince William and Jessica Craig," a spokeswoman told AFP.

"They also ask for the media to leave her and her family alone," she added.

Reports that the pair had a "pretend engagement" came as an embarrassment to 21-year-old Craig as she already has a boyfriend. Her home at the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya has been besieged by media.

According to the Daily Mail, William, who will celebrate his 21st birthday on June 21, met Jessica Craig during his gap year trip to the east African country in 2001.

The palace insisted the pair were "just good friends".

In an interview with the Press Association, the elder son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana spoke of a love for Africa and a wish to learn Swahili.

William has also been in the news over an alleged "road rage" incident, involving Lord Bathurst, 76, a former Lord-in-Waiting to the Queen, which the Palace dismissed as "very minor".

The young prince, driving a VW Golf, and followed by police car, overtook Lord Bathurst's Land Rover at speed on a narrow track on the Earl's Cirencester Park estate in western England after a polo match there.

The Earl, who mistook the prince for "some young yob in a beat-up car", drove after him sounding his horn and flashing his lights, hoping to berate him for driving too fast on the estate.

But the noble lord was apprehended and lectured by a member of the prince's police protection squad.

Lord Bathurst told the Daily Mail that the prince had later made a "handsome apology" for the incident.

"This was a very minor incident in which no-one was injured and as far as we are concerned the matter is closed," the palace confirmed. Monday June 16, 04:08 PM

Wills In Road Rage Row

Prince William's armed bodyguards had to intervene after a row between the Royal heir and an irate motorist.A Royal Protection Squad officer had to speak to another driver after a brief cat-and-mouse road incident took place.

The driver was approached after beeping his horn at the Prince who had overtaken him.

The incident happened on a country dirt track after a Cirencester polo match, near the Prince's home at Highgrove, Gloucestershire.

Sources said the Prince, driving a VW Golf, overtook the car in front along the dirt track but the other driver became annoyed.

"The other motorist, in a Land Rover, then retaliated by re-overtaking and honking his horn as he drew alongside," an eyewitness said.

"This other guy didn't like it and got annoyed.

"Then the cars stopped and an officer got out of the back-up police car and went over to have a conversation with this other chap," the eyewitness said.

"It was all over within seconds. There was no confrontation, it all took place at a very slow speed on a private road not the public highway."

Officials confirmed the incident took place, but said it never became serious.

A spokesman for St James's Palace said: "This was a very minor incident in which no one was injured and as far as we are concerned the matter is closed." Monday June 16

Rush For Prince William Stamps Millions of Prince William stamps have gone on sale - sparking a flurry of excitement among stamp collectors and fans of the Royal family.The Royal Mail phone line has been inundated with requests from members of the public wanting to purchase the tiny images.

"We are expecting them to be this year's most popular stamps. Our order lines have been extremely busy," a Royal Mail spokesman said.

"There are people who are royal collectors and those who are William fans.

"We have a lot of interest from overseas particularly Japan, Germany and the US. The ages range from teenagers to grandparents."

The first class stamp featuring William is the first ever to show the new 28p price.

The stamps have been released to celebrate William's 21st birthday this Saturday.

It is the first time a Royal has appeared on postage stamps for such an occasion. Tuesday June 17

Prince William interview

Prince William agreed to give the press an interview to mark the half-way stage of his studies at St Andrew's University - and one to mark his 21st birthday on 21st June 2003.

This was the interview to mark the completion of two years at St Andrew's.

"People here just treat me like everyone else. It’s really nice. I’m able to lead a near-normal life because of a combination of reasons really.

"The media have been very good considering, I’m sure how tantalising it is having me up here. And the people of St Andrews and the students themselves have been so supportive. So, basically, I feel very comfortable.

“My tutors and lecturers have been very considerate and have just let me get on.

“They know I’ll come to them if I’ve got any problems.

“I try to attend as many lectures as I can but inevitably there are times when I never make them for lots of reasons. But I go to all my tutorials.”

But he added: “My father thinks I’m the laziest person on earth. But, surprisingly, I do actually get up. I’ve had 9 o’clock lectures all this year.”

William was dressed in a plum-coloured jumper with holes in the right elbow and under the arms, blue shirt, beige cords and battered moccasins.

Away from lectures William said he was easily recognised in St Andrews - but was left alone.

He said: “It’s quite interesting because when I’m walking around I see people chatting and so on in their own little worlds - and I always go into my own little world as well - and you don’t really notice what’s going on around you.

“But the local residents, I’m sure, know what I do. They know the routes I take. Yet, very kindly, they just get on with their lives, their shopping and things like that.

“I think it’s probably a little harder for tourists and foreigners who come up here to try and pretend, as it were, that they haven’t seen me.

“That’s a little bit tricky sometimes but everyone else is very relaxed. I hope I’m not a tourist attraction. I’m sure they come here really because St Andrews is just amazing, a beautiful place.”

William said he likes university life but admitted he considered quitting after the first year.

He said: “I think the rumours that I was unhappy got slightly out of control. But I was like most people, I think, when they first come to university.

“It’s new surroundings, new scenery, and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. It’s the same as starting school really and I was a little uneasy.

“But I went home and talked to my father during the holidays and throughout that time debated about whether to come back - not seriously, seriously debating it - but it did cross my mind.

“My father was very understanding about it and realised I had the same problems as he probably had. He was very good about it and we chatted a lot and in the end we both realised - I definitely realised - that I had to come back.

“I think it was the new surroundings. When I was with Raleigh International in Chile in my gap year, it was the same sort of thing. You’re thrown into completely new territory.

“You have to start fending for yourself quite considerably and you desperately want to settle in and meet everyone but, at the same time, you have lots of reservations.”

William said the fact he was a prince made it hard to settle in at first. Yet he added: “People relaxed very quickly about it and the students have been so good towards me.

“They let me get on with things to start with and realised that no one could settle in just like that. So they gave me a bit of space and it’s worked — and I hope for them as well. It’s been brilliant.

“I don’t think I was homesick, I was more daunted.

“I would recommend university as long as you decide to work. You have a lot of time to yourself and you have to keep busy. It’s very different from school. But the last two years have gone by so quickly. Living in a hall of residence for the first year was a good move. That’s where I met most of my friends. Immediately, you’re all put together - a load of people in similar positions - and it was a lot of fun.”

He said: “Most people tend to move houses and that was always my intention. In my third year I have fewer lectures and have to spend less time in the university and so I thought, ‘How about moving somewhere different?’

“I do think I’m a country boy at heart. I love the buzz of towns and going out with friends and sitting with them drinking and whatever — it’s fun.

“But, at the same time, I like space and freedom.

“I like cinemas, bars, restaurants and lots of sport - on the beach, playing quick golf - just making use of everything up here. There’s a lot to do.”

He sipped a glass of water but said he would be toasting the end of exams with his favourite tipple, cider.

The prince said: “Everybody thinks I drink beer but I actually like cider.”

William has made friends with fellow students from all walks of life.

“I don’t deliberately select my friends because of their background,”

He said: “If I enjoy someone’s company, then that’s all that counts. I have many different friends who aren’t from the same background as me and we get on really well. It’s brilliant.

“There are so many people here from different backgrounds.

“My friends are made up of all sorts of different people — I’ve got lots of Scottish friends, American friends and English friends.”

Speaking about life in shared accommodation William said he was happy buying groceries at the local supermarket.

“I do a lot of shopping. I enjoy shopping, actually,” he said.

“I get very carried away, you know, just food shopping. I buy lots of things and then go back to the house and see the fridge is full of all the stuff I’ve just bought.

“I cook quite regularly for the others and they cook for me although we haven’t had a house supper for quite a while because everyone’s been doing exams and working quite hard.

“I’ve got some very good cooks in my house but I’m absolutely useless as my paella experience, which was filmed at Eton a while ago, proved.

We tend to have chicken, curries and pasta. But we go out to eat quite a lot.”

Household chores in the royal flat were shared and, at first, organised with lists of duties.

William said: “We all get on very well and started off having rotas but, of course, it just broke down into complete chaos. Everyone helps out when they can. I try to help out when I can and they do the same for me. But usually you just fend for yourself.”

The prince also gave a rare glimpse into the royal bedroom.

He said: “I’m not particularly fussy about my room. I just want it to be somewhere I can relax - my own space. I’ve got to have a stereo - got to have music. I love my music.

“Then there’s the odd book, just to make it look like I’m working and a comfortable bed.”

But he revealed: “I’m not quite doing enough exercise. I’m still pretty unfit. But I like lots of swimming. I love my water sports.

“I’m trying to play a little more rugby. I played in a sevens tournament a little while ago. I play some football. I play Sunday league up here.

“I gave up playing hockey when a friend of mine had his teeth knocked out. Put me off a bit.

“I do swim in the sea but that really doesn’t last very long. It’s usually in and out, and I make a big fuss and shout how cold it is and then don’t do it again for a while.”

William is considering dropping history of art for geography for his final two years at St Andrews.

“It depends on my exam results,” he said.

“History of art and geography are my two choices and I honestly haven’t decided yet. I’m torn between the two. But I have to decide soon.”

William said he had still not made up his mind about life after university: "I really haven’t thought much about that. I’m really just concentrating on getting through the next two years. I honestly haven’t thought about what I’m going to do next.

“The media have been particularly good up here and I hope that continues. It’s probably because of the media’s considerate attitude that I’ve been able to have such a good time.”

He said: “Harry can paint but I can’t. He has our father’s talent while I, on the other hand, am about the biggest idiot on a piece of canvas.

“I did do a couple of drawings at Eton which were put on display.

Teachers thought they were examples of modern art but in fact I was just trying to paint a house.”

William also admitted to wearing a kilt. He said: “It’s a bit draughty. I have worn a kilt in private and I’m not saying I never will wear one in public.”

Prince William plans a private 21st birthday

Prince William has refused to host a charity pop concert to mark his 21st birthday. The concert was due to be held in Windsor Great Park in June and was intended to raise £500,000 for a new charity in William’s name.

Royal courtiers are now convinced that William will not be budged from his determination to avoid regular royal duties until he completes his studies at St Andrews University in the summer of 2005.

The June concert was planned by the same team that organised the 2002 Party at the Palace. Senior representatives of St James’s Palace, the Prince’s Trust and the BBC were involved.

One palace source said: “This was to be the first of a new summer tradition, switching in coming years to Sandringham, Holyroodhouse and other locations. A different member of the royal family would host it each year.”

However, a source in William’s camp said: “Why should he be bounced into endorsing an outdoor version of the Royal Variety Show? He is aware that he will have to devote most of his life to the public arena, so what is the hurry?” The source added: “He is not the Prince of Wales, so there is no point in making comparisons with his father’s age at the time of his investiture.” However, it is thought likely that the Queen will confer some sort of title or honour on William to mark his birthday.

A spokesman for St James’s Palace said of the concert: “Discussions took place but nothing was agreed.” It is thought that William will give an interview in May 2003 about his life as a student at St Andrews, and will carry out public engagements on his birthday on 21st June. It has also been reported that Prince William and Prince Harry will attend an Eminem concert on 21st June.

What do you think of this site? I thought it was kinda personal, but judge for yourself:

Prince William "on the cusp" of true love Mon Mar 24 Yahoo News!

LONDON (AFP) - Britain's dashing Prince William is "on the cusp of a deeper relationship" with a fellow student who strides the catwalk when she is not hitting the books, the Sun newspaper said.

William, 20, the eldest son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana, met Bryony Daniels, also 20, three years ago, and they now see "a fair amount of each other," it quoted Daniels' mother Pauline as saying.

An unidentified "friend" of the students added: "They are now very close and are often seen wandering around together" in Saint Andrews, Scotland, where the two attend university.

"It appears like a friendship on the cusp of a deeper relationship," the friend added.

The Sun illustrated its report with three color photos of Daniels making a catwalk Sunday at a charity fashion show in Saint Andrews, including a crochet bra and sarong outfit.

Daniels' father David Daniels was reported to be a "wealthy landowner" who lives in Sudbury, in Suffolk in the east of England.

In London, a spokesman for the British royal family denied that William and Daniels were an item. "In no way is she a girlfriend," a spokesman told the Sun.

UK Royalty Seeks 'Restraint' Over Prince Photos Sun Mar 9,

LONDON (Reuters) - A royal official said on Sunday she would speak to Britain's Press Complaints Commission after a newspaper published pictures of Prince William, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II (news - web sites), out shopping in St. Andrews, Scotland.

Reuters Slideshow: Prince Charles And Camilla Parker-Bowles

British media have been observing a voluntary agreement to keep clear of the 20-year-old son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana while he studies at St. Andrews University.

The five photos, published over two pages of the Sunday tabloid News of the World, show William with a bicycle and wearing a peaked cap and zipped fleece top during a shopping trip.

"I recognize that Prince William is in a public place and he is over 18, but there are sensitivities about Prince William at St. Andrews," a spokeswoman for Prince Charles' office at St. James's Palace told Reuters.

"I hope other newspapers will show restraint and not use these pictures.

"Prince William has been at university for 18 months and been able to enjoy his university life. Hopefully he'll be able to continue doing that," she added.

The spokeswoman said she would speak on Monday to the Press Complaints Commission, an independent body whose members include newspaper editors and representatives from outside the media industry.

February 26, 2003


If you want to kill yourself in Britain, you can get the royal treatment!

WILLIAM: He's following in his beloved mom's footsteps. Prince William, who has a heart as big as his mom's, is secretly manning a suicide hotline for stressed-out students.

The real-life Prince Charming often works through the night, dealing with calls from desperate youngsters.

None of them know they're talking to the future King because he's asked for anonymity.

Pals of the late Princess Diana are not surprised by his dedication because the pinup Prince has inherited the same quiet concern for others displayed by Di, who often made unpublicized visits to hospitals and shelters.

"He's a chip off the old block," divulged a royal source.

"Di always made sure Wills and Harry knew they'd been born with a silver spoon in their mouths and the world was full of others less fortunate.

"She gave them a social conscience -- taking them with her on visits to hospitals and homeless shelters from an early age.

"Even though they were tragically young when she died, the message got through and it stuck."

Added a royal insider: "Wills and Harry have their own ideas about which charities they like to help, and a lot of them are ones their mother favored.

"Di set up a secret charity fund during her life to make discreet cash donations to her own favorite charities. It began with $150 of her own money, and by the time she died, she'd raised $2.4 million to hand out to needy causes!

"That was divided between Wills and Harry to start their own independent charitable trusts."

William, 20, enjoys contributing his time and effort as well as money.

The suicide hotline, called Nightline, operates every night from 8 p.m. to 7 a.m. during school season at his college, St. Andrews University in Scotland.

The lifesaving service was set up after an alarming rise in students diagnosed with depression.

Volunteers like William answer phones in a call center at a secret location on campus.

"It's independently run by students for students," disclosed a former Nightline staffer.

"We had to go through an intensive training program before we were allowed to answer phones. Some of the calls were harrowing and lasted up to three hours."

Concluded a pal of the Prince: "No one knows who helps at Nightline and that appeals to William.

"To be doing something worthwhile without any public acknowledgment is typical of him."

Published on: February 24, 2003 (Thanx to Kate for the link. This is from da National Enquire, so its gotta be tru!)

August 22, 2002

'Prince William poison plot' woman held in custody

A woman accused of plotting to poison Prince William has been refused bail by a court in the US after a magistrate described her as "dangerous".

Telesales operator Tashala Hayman, 22, from Vaughn, Montana, was arrested when police raided her home and found a package containing a soft drink bottle laced with sodium cyanide.

The parcel was to be sent to the Prince at an address in Scotland.

Officers also found the addresses of Senators Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy, to whom Hayman is accused of posting two poisoned drinks with a note that read Have a Coke and a Smile.

Magistrate Carolyn Ostby ruled after a one-hour hearing that Hayman should be held in custody because there was a risk that she would abscond.

Police said they found the package addressed to Prince William when they searched her trailer park home on August 8 after she was arrested for buying a handgun with a stolen debit card number.

FBI agent Mark Seyler told the hearing that a package waiting for Hayman when she was arrested contained a tranquilliser dart gun "designed to deliver chemicals into whoever was shot at".

He said Hayman had used several aliases and ordered two pounds of sodium cyanide from a Texas company under the name Carolyn Smith.

Hayman's trailer home, which she rented about six months ago, was virtually unfurnished except for a sleeping mat, he said.

Hayman faces up to 20 years in jail and £7,000 in fines if she is convicted.

Story filed: 14:51 Thursday 22nd August 2002

August 18, 2002

Wow, two more weeks then school starts. Another summer gone, and another failed relationship :) I just quit my job at the mall, still working at my other job at least 'til school starts Sept. 3rd.

Princes get on their bikes for charity polo match

Princes William and Harry got on their bikes today to help their royal cousin Zara Phillips raise money for charity.

Swapping polo ponies for cycles, the princes wobbled around on a field as they tried to score goals while keeping control.

With one hand on the handlebars and the other clutching a polo mallet, they pedalled furiously on their dilapidated rustbuckets as onlookers laughed at the comic scene.

The royals were persuaded to take part in the fun match at Tidworth, Wiltshire, by Miss Phillips.

Princess Anne's daughter is a regular at the annual event, which raises funds for Inspire, a charity dedicated to research into spinal cord injuries.

As the contest got under way in the sunshine, Prince Harry, rode out with Emma Tomlinson, whose parents, Captain Simon Tomlinson and his wife Claire, own the Beaufort Polo Club.

But the young prince soon fell behind when his old bike let him down. As the other players zoomed off, Harry was left pedalling hopelessly as the chain temporarily failed to work.

Later, brotherly rivalry came into play as William and Harry, on opposite teams, clashed more than once on the field.

At times, the eight contenders rode their bikes into a rugby-style scrum, causing half of them to fall off.

Story filed: 15:20 Saturday 13th July 2002 (This is from the National Enquire, so its gotta be true! thanx to Kate for the link)

July 7, 2002

Hi guys, long-time-no-see? Well, I'm just having a busy season. First trying very hard to find work for the summer, now I have two jobs :). Everything is going well, I got accepted to UBC, so I'm transfering there in September (Yey!). I also got a bf for the summer, it's not love, but it will do for now. Take care, Kelly.

Some William Updates:

Prince William was rewarded with a kiss from Claudia Schiffer after a star-studded charity polo match.

Prince William kisses model Claudia Schiffer after being presented with the Porcelanosa Cup as a member of the winning polo team during a charity polo competition (PA)

The German supermodel was watching William and the Prince of Wales play polo to raise cash for three good causes.

William received the congratulatory kiss from the stunning blonde, to the delight of watching spectators.

The polo match at Ashe Park, near Basingstoke, Hampshire, attracted TV celebrities including Carol Vorderman, Cilla Black, and Robert Bathurst and Hermione Norris from ITV's comedy drama Cold Feet.

The polo match was held in aid of the National Centre for Young People with Epilepsy, the Hampshire Countryside Education Group and Hampshire and Isle of Wight Youth Options.

Prince William has attended his first royal garden party as a thank you to the Scottish people for making him feel welcome.

The 20-year-old had insisted on being at the annual garden party held in the grounds of the Palace of Holyroodhouse, in Edinburgh.

The St Andrews University student is currently on holiday after completing his first year.

Guests included representatives from voluntary organisations, charities, community groups, arts organisations, rural communities and the public sector.

As he chatted to the crowd, William's favourite topic of conversation seemed to be the tennis, and he lamented Greg Rusedski's exit from Wimbledon earlier.

He also said he was a "nervous wreck" watching Tim Henman scrape through his match on Monday.

William told a group of women whose husbands were High Constables of Holyroodhouse working at the event: "I thought it was going to be a year for the British and the underdogs."

January 5, 2002

Hi, I was just browsing the site when I noticed a lot of the pictures have broken links (oops). Which means I have to upload them again and that takes a lot of time. So in the mean time, you can check out these two galleries for recent pictures of Wills:

OFFICIAL Photo Gallery

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December 23, 2K1

Hey yall, I realize I haven't updated since August and I feel really guilty about that. Today I posted some articles I found on Prince William in the message board (or Forum). There's not much to update on really, the press is giving him a lot of privacy which is exactly what he asked for, so we all should be happy for him. He's just like all the other first year University students, he studies hard for his exams and have lots of fun when he has time off. What else do we need to know?
I'm still in College full time, so I won't have time to update so much, but I usually post news in the message board now and then. Anyways, Thank you very much for visiting my Prince William site. If you have any suggestions, please E-mail me. Happy Holidays. kittywinky

August 16, 2K1

Looking for some new pics? I've added a few that you might not have seen before, to access them go here. Also updated the gossip section. I'm also working on a new layout, to get a sneak preview, please visit the Forum. Thanx, kitty.

August 14, 2K1

Hello everyone. I just finished my last exam for the summer, so I'm updating the site today. If things go well, I'll be able to update the gossip section as well as add new pics and articles.

So far I've posted SEVEN very interesting News Articles on the Forum, that we have. If you haven't seen the new Forum, go check it out. It has lots of cool features.

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