Hi I'm a big fan of Blue's Clues. But my all-time favorite character is STEVE (played by steven burns) so I thought I'd do a page dedicated to HIM. But of course there will be things about Blue as soon as I update. Incase you are wondering I am not a 3 year old kid. I'm actually 16. Hey, just because I'm a teen doesn't mean I can't watch Blue's Clues too! Also for others that have been to this site before I have remodeled slightly. But pretty soon everything will be situated. Also in my image gallery if any of the pics are copyrighted or belong to you and you wish for them not to be on this site, simply e mail me and i'll take it down or give you credit. If you have any ideas for this site, complaints, questions, additional information on this guy, or on blue at the bottom and e mail me. well I've got to skadoo so enjoy the site! UPDATE.....hmmm I wanna update this site but i have no clue as to what i should put up. i don't wanna put up a news section since i never keep up with that stuff so you'll have to go to the link i've put up. right now i'm working on a "BLUE" gallery and another gallery for the other characters. when they're done i'll post them up. also if you have an angelfire page or ect.. and you know how to put up wavs e mail me and tell me. i want to have a wavs section but i don't know how. all i know is how to play a song when someone goe to your page. thanks.

please if u know any additional info about him e mail me thanx and come back soon because this page will always be updated weekly and sometimes everyday.


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an image gallery of STEVE (about 30 images)
steve says.........
an image gallery of BLUE(not many pics)