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Magic:The Gathering

Welcome Planeswalkers!
As you surely know by now, Urza's Legacy has come, along with premium foil-print cards. Although reactions are mixed, no one can deny that Legacy is a pretty good expansion set with or without the foils. As a collector, though, my heart pounds to the tune of a full set of foils, so if you're wanting to get rid of some, contact me at and drop me a line. Personally I find Legacy a bit disappointing after the unleashed power of Urza's Saga, but everything is a disappointment after Tempest. Anyway, enjoy the page and make sure you sign my guestbook back at the home page, Indigo Warrior's Lair, and tell a friend.

If you haven't already, visit Erkin's Page for great deck ideas, general strategies, and most importantly, ways to destroy Rune of Protection:Lands, the shittiest card that ever shat.

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