Murder Hollywood Style


Week #1 of 3.


The original script is by Carlton E. Morse, copyright 1986/1992 with excerpts from the original

The synopsis is written by Brian Christopher Misiaszek, original material copyright 1999.

Episode 1: Thursday August 9th, 1951

SOUND: Clock Strikes Three o'clock.

ANNCR: Three-o'clock in the afternoon, in the ultra-exclusive residential district of Hollywood! The Three Comrades, Jack, Doc and Reggie, are again on the prowl for big trouble. Jack has received a letter from David Greylin, millionaire motion picture producer, begging the three to come at once to his beautiful and notorious Hollywood protect him from threatened death. It wasn't the promise of reward or the plea of a frightened man that led them to accept this new adventure so much as the sense of terror and hysteria that showed between the lines of the millionaire's letter.

SOUND: (fade in motor of taxi)

ANNCR: And here they are in a taxi, turning into the street heading into the David Greylin estate.

DOC: (little fade in) I get it! And that's all you know about this David Greylin hombre?

JACK: All we need to know for the moment. He's one of the biggest shots in the Hollywood picture...he's had threats made on his life...and he's asked us to see what we can do.

REGGIE: (chuckles)

DOC: What are you laughing at, Reggie?

REGGIE: Just thinking. We're becoming known.

JACK: Known?

REGGIE: Quite...being sent to protect millionaires...and all that.

DOC: Well, I'm for it. Seems to me that--

REGGIE: Oh, by all means, Doc. So am I!

JACK: As far as I'm concerned, it doesn't matter whether the setting's a millionaires home or a box car, as long as they guarantee a fight!

DOC: Derned tootin'! If it'll jest keep on a-comin'! Be somethin' fierce if we was to find ourselves out of trouble some day...

The taxi continues the long drive up to the palatial manse, the three marveling all the way. Doc, however, is disappointed at not catching sight of any Hollywood starlets in bathing suits on the premises. At the teasing of the others, he fires back with:

DOC: All right...was only gonna say that I fight good for ANY woman's honour, but if they was a-bathin' beauty's honour at stake...BOY!

JACK: Yes, we know, we know, we know

The three are greeted at the door by a man, who turns out to be Greylin's fussy private secretary, Parker. Much to Doc's anger, Parker shuts the door on their face after answering it, making the A-One team cool their heels on the front steps of the mansion.

After a few moments of idle speculation by the three, the front door of the Greylin mansion is opened again, and they are led by Parker through the spacious house into Greylin's library. On arrival at the Library, a room splendidly walled with books, Parker instantly demands to be told why they are there to see Mr. Greylin, and refuses to send for his master until they tell him. Of course, this being a private matter with their employer, Jack and the others repeatedly refuse to tell the increasingly agitated Parker. Since he won't send for Greylin, Reggie starts to threaten to rough Parker up a little, who calls out in alarm to a man he calls Tomlinson.

Tomlinson lurches into the library, a huge monster of a man, speaking with a definite Cockney accent. Tomlinson, garbed in livery so he is obviously Greylin's chauffeur, is arrogantly ordered by Parker to throw Reggie bodily out. This doesn't quite happen to plan, as Reggie knocks out his fellow countryman with a single mighty blow. Terrified at this reversal of fortune, Parker pulls a gun out, but the three easily take it away from him.

Suddenly David Greylin appears in the middle of these contretemps. He tells the agitated Parker that he *did* wish to see Jack, Doc and Reggie, just as they had said. Greylin orders Parker to drag the unconscious Tomlinson out of the library. Parker does so, leaving the three detectives a thinly veiled threat as he does so.

Greylin tells Jack, Doc and Reggie the story of his predicament and the reason they have been asked to help. Threats have been made on his life, starting about a year ago. The first warning came by mail--a scrawled note.

Jack interrupts at this point; did Greylin have any enemies, or any incidents from his past that have come back to roost, and has he called the police? Greylin replies that the police have not been called in. Greylin goes on to say that he feared that too much investigation of his past private life--apparently a very colorful one--would not be something he would wish to have publicly revealed.

Jack asks, and learns of all the others who live under Greylin's roof. This includes the millionaire's daughter, Lindy Greylin, age twenty. There is Wilkin's the butler, Tomlinson the chauffeur, and Parker his secretary, (both of whom they met earlier), Molly, the housekeeper, and Flora, the cockney upstairs maid.

The numerous threats against the millionaire Hollywood motion picture producer's life are eventually teased out by Jack. The first warning was that of the scrawled note, followed next by telephone threats. The latter have been from an unknown man speaking with a high-pitched hysterical voice. The unknown voice threatened ugly, vicious things over the telephone to Greylin.

JACK: And that's...all?

GREY: Not by a long ways! I could stand those things...but's been unbearable.

JACK: What is?

GREY: You'll hardly believe me! About two weeks ago I answered the phone and the voice said, "Listen! Listen! This is the end! Listen!" It was horrible what happened then. I think it was a woman's voice! It was singing...if you could call it that.

JACK: Singing? A...certain melody...could you make it out?

GREY: I wasn't sure. It was like a hymn...awful this high pitched voice...singing

SOUND: (Fade in song from distance...scarcely audible at first)

GREY: (Hasn't heard...continues) A disturbed was to be my final warning. It's all I can--(pause)

SOUND (Song continues through)

GREY: Listen! Listen!!

SOUND: (The song rises higher and higher…and fades into...)

MUSIC: (Organ, "Valse Triste")

Episode 2: Thursday August 10th, 1951

SOUND Clock strikes Four o'clock.

The weird, hymn-like song continues to pour into the library like liquid honey. From seemingly nowhere, since the Library was supposedly sound proof!

The sound suddenly stops as mysteriously as it began, and Greylin suddenly staggers, grasping the edge of his desk for support. He says he feels faint, and asks for a glass of water. Jack, Doc and Reggie bend over him, and provide some abbreviated first aid.

Reviving with the help of the A-One crew, the distressed motion picture producer tells Jack that the mysterious ones who are threatening him must be close at hand. Hadn’t they heard the menacing music, too? Greylin also orders them to go rummaging about into his desk and retrieve weapons; there are revolvers for all three of them.

After handing these out to Jack and Reggie, Greylin suddenly notices Doc is gone. Where did he go? Jack and Reggie assure Greylin that Doc can take care of himself, and that he had left the library just a few moments ago.

Meanwhile, Doc had seen a young woman peering in at them in the Library from the hallway. His Texas heart, both curious and girl crazy, couldn’t resist, and he darted out of the room after her. Chasing after her, Doc finally caught a firm hold on the arm of the girl in a distant, curtained hallway of the Greylin mansion.

The spying girl turns out to be Lindy Greylin, the senior Greylin's beautiful young daughter. Angry and out of breath at first, Miss Lindy Greylin suddenly (and transparently) turns coy on the red-headed Texan. Twirling a stray strand of hair in her hand, she turns on her own form of charm on the hapless Doc:

LINDY:     You did? Who are you?

DOC:     I'm Doc Long.

LINDY:     That doesn't tell me anything. I've never heard of Doc Long.

DOC:     Haven't you?

LINDY:     Never. Are you a doctor?

DOC:     No..I ain't a doctor. That's just--

LINDY:     Veterinarian?

DOC:     No. It's just--

LINDY:     Doctor of philosophy, perhaps?

DOC:     Oh, cut it out. Shucks...I ain't anyone.

LINDY:     Of course...that explains everything.

Bewitchingly, Lindy continues to engage Doc in light conversation. As she does so, she slyly edges him so that his back is against a nearby curtained window. Lindy then gave a loud stamp on the wooden floor with her foot, and Doc felt a sudden blow crash onto his head.

The red-headed Texan fell into unconsciousness, mumbling his forlorn amazement at being treated this way by the fair sex!

DOC: (groans) Why...why could you cheat me like that...

LINDY: Again...

SOUND (another sock)

DOC: (groans) Lindy...shame on you...(groans)

MUSIC (Organ "Valse Triste")

Episode 3: Thursday August 13th, 1951

SOUND: Clock Strikes Five o'clock.

Doc is found unconscious and mumbling by Jack and Reggie. He has been obviously socked on the head by something hard--like the butt of a revolver!

The others revive Doc, who sheepishly admits it was a girl who tricked him, Mr. David Greylin's twenty year old daughter, Miss Lindy. They mercilessly tease him, but Doc takes it in good humour. After rearranging his clothing, and seeing nothing else nearby amiss, they all head back to the Library, where they hope to find Greylin.

The mansion is truly a labyrinth of rooms, corridors and crooked passages. While passing by a closed door on their trip back, they suddenly notice the light leaking out from under the door silently turns off. Someone has obviously heard them, and is laying low!

The three go cautiously towards the door, and they hear voices coming from the room on the other side. Jack notices the door is locked.

JACK: (low) Doc.

DOC: (low) Yeah?

JACK: (low) Can you pick this lock?

DOC: (low) Ain't seen one on a door I cain't far.

JACK: (low) Well, crack it open...but be quiet about it.

DOC: (low) Wait a minute.

SOUND: (thin steel whipping out)

JACK: (low) What are you doing?

DOC: (low) Gettin' a thin little ol' piece of steel.

JACK: (low) Where did you have that?

DOC: (low) Inside my belt. I always got watch...

SOUND (locked being picked...very quietly)

JACK: (low) Careful that quietly, can't you?

DOC: (low) Wait a minute. (pause) There.

Doc easily picks the lock, and the three enters what appears to be an elaborately furnished lady’s bedroom, likely Lindy’s. In fact, Lindy is seen on the bed, though seemingly frozen with terror. A sudden warning cry from Doc, and Jack turns...just in time to avoid a bullet speeding past his temple!

The English save the day as Reggie's heavy fist decisively wings out. Jack’s would-be killer is dropped to the floor, unconscious. It happened all so fast, that none of them had time to recognize the man who had been hiding behind the door of Lindy’s bedroom.

DOC: Did he hit you Jack? Did he hit you?

JACK: No...missed me by an inch. Good Boy, Reggie. Caught him right on the chin.

REGGIE: Out, all right. I'll turn him over--JACK! It's David Greylin!

MUSIC: (Organ, "Valse Triste")

Episode 4: Friday August 14th, 1951

SOUND: Clock strikes Six o'clock.

Nursed back to consciousness by Jack and the others, Greylin at first appears simultaneously vague and sullen. Jack tries to question Greylin:

JACK: (fading in) Now then, Greylin, you feeling better?

GREY: (woozy) Yes...yes...I'm all right now. But if I'd had another five second I would have...

LINDY: (very rapidly covering what Greylin might say) Yes...if you've had another five seconds you might have seen who it was and not fired that shot. It just happened so fast, didn't it? Another second or so and you could have recognized these three men. just happened too fast for you didn't it Dad?

GREY: Yes...yes...that's how it--

LINDY: (with sigh of relief) Yes, of course!

Rousing from her stupor, Lindy aids her father to give a rambling story of mistaken identity. Both had been frightened of the mysterious and menacing music that was behind the threats on Greylin senior’s life. The two had simply heard someone picking the lock, and decided to both distract and deal with the intruder. Luckily, they recognized Jack and the others in time.

Jack doesn’t buy their story, and neither does Doc or Reggie. Doc in particular is very mistrustful of Lindy, after her earlier trick. They finally decide to let their fishy story stand for now, and help Greylin to his feet.

Greylin’s sullen manner and vagueness is gone, replaced just a suddenly by a bright and friendly one. He suggests the three might enjoy a dip in his swimming pool, to help cool off from their recent exertions. Lindy tries to interrupt her father, telling him it’s unlikely his guests would want to swim at this late hour, but Greylin is insistent, and brushes off her earnest protestations.

Jack and Reggie is led off by the very animated Greylin, while Doc is left to follow with Lindy. Lindy takes his arm. She slows her walk, and when the others are out of earshot, she turns a terror stricken face to Doc, and tremulously says:

LINDY: big Texas fool. Don't go in that pool. Do you hear me? Don't Do It!!

MUSIC (Sound, "Valse Triste")

Episode 5: August 15th, 1951

SOUND: Clock Strikes Seven o'clock.

With her urgent warning finally delivered, Judy hurries on ahead, leaving Doc staring after her. Always obliging to the fair sex, (though suspicious still of the girl) he suddenly makes a decision. He suddenly stops in his tracks, wipes his brow, and calls out weakly to Jack that he feels sick. Jack, who had looked back to see what was keeping his red-headed Texan friend, moves back to join Doc, leaving Reggie to head toward the pool with David Greylin alone.

DOC: Oh, I'm sick, I'm sick...

JACK: Cut it out.

DOC: Cut it out? How can I cut it out? Awful sick...whew!

JACK: Well, what are you going to do about it?

DOC: Whew. Boy, I dunno. I think I'm gonna faint...

JACK: You're going to what?

DOC: You heard me! Get a load of this (fake groan)

SOUND: (Body crashing to floor)

DOC: (moaning) Ohhhhh boy!

JACK: (Burst of laughter)

DOC: (Puzzled moan)

JACK: (Through laughter) All right tried...get up.

DOC: (Silly moan)

JACK: Get up! Come on...on your feet!

DOC: (Starts with moan into) Aw, shucks! I know'd it wouldn't work all along!

Doc spills his story in a whisper to Jack, about how Lindy become panicky and upset at the planned swim, literally begging Doc to stop, and to prevent the others from swimming in the pool. He repeats her warning, "…it would be worth all their lives if they did!"

After a few brief, terse sentences, Jack makes the decision to go ahead with the swim, but to watch out for trouble, and for Doc to warn Reggie later. Together, they catch up to the senior Greylin.

Greylin had appeared initially very upset that his plans for a group swim had been upset with Doc's sudden bout of queasiness. But after telling Greylin that they would all indeed go the pool for a swim, Greylin seemed extremely happy at the change of mood and Doc's rapid recovery.

Together, they leave the path and come into an open area lined with shrubbery casting long shadows, in the center of which is a very large in-ground concrete swimming pool. Small patio lights show there are deck chairs and tables and a pair of cabanas which Greylin tells them double as changing rooms. There are towels and various sizes of bathing suits inside that they would likely find to fit them. Greylin added he would go inside to change, not wait for him, that he would be down in a few minutes.

Greylin heads back inside the house, passing by a formally dressed butler (who must be the Wilkins mentioned earlier by Greylin) carrying some huge platters of cold cuts. They head inside the cabana, and as they change Jack updates Reggie about Lindy's warning, while Doc mentions seeing out the little window the butler Wilkins laying out the food on a patio table, and next seeing Greylin's secretary Parker, now wearing a Hawaiian shirt, helping Wilkin's out. Jack and the others also comment on how funny Greylin has been acting over the last little while, first asking for help, then almost shooting Jack in Lindy's bedroom, and now the business about the pool.

Finally finished changing into his bathing trunks, Doc catches sight of something to make his blue eyes bug out:

DOC: Yeah...that's all...No! Whee! You oughta see what I see!

REGGIE: What is it?

DOC: It's Lindy! And is she--I mean--wow!

JACK: All right, all right. Get your head back in before someone sees you.

DOC: a minnut...

JACK: (Sharp whisper) Doc!

DOC: Awright...but you oughta see that Lindy! Bathin' suit and that body!

Suddenly the lights outside go out, and as the three wonder what has happened, a shot is heard! They rush outside into the gloom, and they find Lindy, Wilkins and Parker staring at body floating face down in the darkness of the swimming pool!

REGGIE: Jack! Jack, look there...Greylin's in the pool!

JACK: The water? Reggie, the water! A film of blood!

MUSIC: (Organ, "Valse Triste.")

This above is the first 5 episodes of the first week of this "lost" story. Next week's synopses, episodes #6-#10, will be posted shortly.