Saturday, August 08, 1998


Wayward thoughts


Just some passing thoughts that may or may not sometime be developed.


Truth is the result of the process of modernization.


Truth changes as discourse changes therefore with a discourse based on hypertext truth has multiple endings.


'Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world'. Yeats


Spiritual truths, once the domain of particular religions, have entered multidimensional levels of existence. No one particular religious movement can say they are the truth and the way in a multi-media hypertextual framework.


Taking this into a new-age astrological mode where the belief in astrological cycles as a determinable force in evolutionary history is deemed possible hypertextual pathways surely would be the Aquarian way.






The signifying process

Functions of expression

Functions of content

How it is metalinguistic

Within semiotic

The signifying process

semiotic, symbolic, and significance



Hypertext as postmodern as post-structural deconstructionlism

As mumble-jumble. The ultimate escape from Face to face dialogue.


Will hypertext begin the re-invention of language?

Can a piece of text now have its meaning changed by the viewer? For example flashing words when the computer is stopped produced set words are those set words those of the computer, the author or the reader.



The answer was blowing in the wind

The wind was blowing in the answer

In the blowing wind was the answer

The blowing wind was in the answer

In the answer was the blowing wind









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